Saturday, October 7, 2017

Carla Bruni - French Touch

Carla Bruni - French Touch
Decca/Verve 5772606 (2017)

Track Listing:
1. Enjoy the Silence
2. Jimmy Jazz
3. Love Letters
4. Miss You
5. The Winner Takes It All
6. Crazy
7. Highway to Hell
8. Perfect Day
9. Stand by Your Man
10. Please Don’t Kiss Me
11. Moon River

Jim Keltner - drums
Carla Bruni - vocals
Dean Parks, Taofik Farah - guitar
David Foster - producer, arranger
Mickey Raphael - harmonica
Willie Nelson - vocals
Cyril Barbessol - piano, percussion, strings, nylon guitar, slide guitar, keyboards 
Rafael Padilla - percussion
Chris Walden - strings arranger
Jochem Van Der Saag - producer, synth, programming, sound design
Laurent Vernerey - bass

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg - No Resemblance Whatsoever

Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg - No Resemblance Whatsoever
Giant Records 9 24626-2 (1995)

Track Listing:
1. County Clare    
2. Forever Jung    
3. Todos Santos    
4. Sunlight    
5. Isle Au Haut    
6. The Face Of Love    
7. Songbird    
8. Is This Magic    
9. Stasia    
10. Windward

Jim Keltner - Drums (3,10)
Dan Fogelberg - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Percussion, Bass, Mandolin,Slide Guitar,Synthesizer, Producer
Tim Weisberg - Flute, Piccolo Flute, Oboe, Producer
Willie Weeks, Norbert Putnam - Bass
Andy Newmark - Drums, Electronic Drums
Bobbye Hall - Congas, Cowbell
Neil Larsen - Electric Piano, Piano
Don Henley - Harmony Vocals
John Hug - Harp-o-lec
David Breinenthal - Bassoon
Earl Dumler - English Horn
Vincent De Rosa - French Horn
John Ellis - Oboe
Gary Coleman - Percussion
Florence Warner - Backing Vocals
Ann Mason Stockton - Harp
Joe Lala - Congas

Friday, September 1, 2017

Don Preston & The South - Hot Air Through A Straw

Don Preston & The South - Hot Air Through A Straw
A&M Records SP 4174 (1969)

Side One:
1. American Gothic    
2. Here's To You Baby    
3. Daybreaks    
4. Sunshine Line    
5. You Won't Let Me Be    
6. She Feels Like Sunshine    
7. End Of The Play    
8. Blues Break

Side Two:    
1. Circle For A Landing    
2. Love Season
3. Medley: Nite Of The Fool / Sweetest Girl
4. Got Me In The Middle
5. He's Waiting Now
6. Spend My Time


The South
Bobby Cochran - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Don Preston - Vocals, Guitar
Casey Van Beek - Bass, Backing Vocals
Bob Young - Drums, Backing Vocals

Jim Keltner - Drums
Carl Radle - Bass
Charles Blackwell - Drums
Bill Boatman - Guitar, Fiddle
Peter Pilafian - Violin
Richard Torres - Flute, Saxophone
Gordon Shryock - Producer

Friday, August 11, 2017

Delaney Bramlett - Sounds From Home

Delaney Bramlett - Sounds From Home
Zane Records ZNCD1013 (1998)

Track Listing:
1. Funky
2. Everyday's A Holiday
3. It's Over
4. How Do You Know (There's Thruth In The Love)
5. Locked Up In Alabama
6. Free
7. Mississippi
8. Kiss
9. Rock-n-Roll Lane
10. Kim Carmel
11. Aidee Aidee Idee Oh!
12. Let It Rain
13. Brown Paper Bag

Jim Keltner - Drums (2)
Delaney Bramlett - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion
Bekka Bramlett, Chelsea Murphy, Dulcie William, Jack Murphy, Jan Murphy, Joey Scarbury, Lynn Fanelli, Iva Lazone Bramlett (Mamo), David Bryan, Kelly McCall Fumo, Richie Sambora, Tico Torres, Clydie King, Monalisa Young, Pat Erickson, Patti Quatro, Sherley Matthews, Susie Allanson - Backing Vocals
Randy Sharp - Backing Vocals, Twelve-String Guitar
Kim Carmel Bramlett - Vocals, Horns, Harmonica, Washboard, Flute
Bob Gross, Robert Wilson, Skinny Bishop, Chuck Rainey - Bass
Al Lichtenstein, David Raven, Stu Perry - Drums
Hank Barrio - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion
Mark Karan, Spider Taylor - Guitar
Thumbs Carllille - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
David Scott - Piano, Synth [Strings], Backing Vocals, Organ [Hammond B-3], Synthesizer, Clavinet
Rick Geragi, Mike Faue - Congas, Percussion
Chuck Findley, Claude Calliet, Tom Bray, Jackie Kelso, Ollie Mitchell, Quitman Dennis, Slyde Hyde - Horns
Spooner Oldham - Piano
Doug Lacy, Jim Unfried - Steel Drums
David Morgan, Peter Klimes - Vocals
Arlen - Piano
Mike Faue - Bodrhan
Gerry McGee - Slide Guitar, Guitar
Robert Emmet Dunlap - Acoustic Guitar
Maia Sharp - Wurlitzer
Steve Hardin - Organ
Gerry McGee - Slide Guitar
Art Kempel - Arranger
Larry Corbett - Cello
Katie Prescott - Viola
Joel Derouin, John Wittenburg - Violin
Jim Hobson, Rick Sutherland - Keyboards
David T. Turner, Harry Hyams, James Getzoff, Jesse Ehrlich, Murray Adler, Raymond Kelley, Ronald Folsom, Samual Boghossian, Sidney Sharp, William Kurasch - Strings
Chad Watson - Bass, Horns

France Gall & Bruck Dawit ‎– Résiste (La Comédie Musicale)

France Gall & Bruck Dawit ‎– Résiste (La Comédie Musicale)
C.M.B.M. ‎– 0825646080588 (2015)

Track Listing:
1. Résiste
2. Les Accidents D'amour
3. La Groupie Du Pianiste
4. La Chanson De Maggie
5. Débranche
6. La Déclaration D'amour
7. Il Jouait Du Piano Debout
8. À Quoi Il Sert
9. Papillon De Nuit
10. Quelques Mots D'amour
11. Musique
12. Si, Maman, Si
13. Ella, Elle L'a
14. Un Dimanche Au Bord De L'eau (Inédit)

Jim Keltner - Drums (14)
Léa Deleau, Victor Le Douarec, Élodie Martelet, Gwendal Marimoutou & Corentine Collier - Vocals
Paul Stallworth - Bass
Neil Larsen - Electric Piano
Ben Beney, Dany Kooch - Guitar
Bruck Dawit - Keyboards, Guitar
Michel Berger - Piano   
Aurélien Noël - Accordion
Guillaume Juramie, Steve Davis - Bass
Cyrille Lacrouts - Cello
Brenda Della Valle, Eyango,Sébastien Demeaux, Babou - Chorus
Jean-Baptiste Cortot - Drums, Percussion
Pierre Terrasse - Guitar
Bruck Dawit - Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Chorus
Jacques Gandard - Conductor
Vincent Lanty - Piano, Keyboards, Rhodes, Wurlitzer
France Gall, Thierry Suc - Producer
Lucas Saint-Cricq - Saxophone
Thibault Mortegoute - Trombone
Nicolas Sausseau - Trumpet
Christophe Briquet - Viola
David Braccini, Julie Gehan-Rodriguez - Violin

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Modern Drummer Interviews Jim Kelter At Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp

Charlie Watts' Favorite Drummers

Chet Falzerano has written a fascinating book about Charlie Watts’ favorite drummers, who might come as a surprise to Stones fans and many rock drummers, because it turns out that the drummer for the greatest (oldest?) rock band in the world is also a jazz drummer, and his drumming heroes are both jazz and rock drummers. Charlie has his own traditional swing band in England. Not too many realize that Watts was playing jazz gigs when the Stones hired him. He studied the masters and crafted his unique and simple Stones drumming style and feel not by mistake, but by understanding and respecting the achievements and styles of those who had gone before him. 

We already know Chet is a superb writer but this particular book is one of those that will sit on your night stand for many weeks. Charlie Watts is a private man of few words. His avoidance of interviews and not wanting to talk about himself, his drumming or the Stones is legendary. But one thing Charlie did have a good bit to talk about over the years were HIS favorite drummers. So, without an interview with Charlie, Chet has taken Charlie’s quotes from nearly fifty years of interviews by other writers and fleshed each chapter out with his own scholarly knowledge. Each chapter is a gem. This book should be required reading for any drum set course in college.

There are twenty six very famous drummers profiled in this book who span the twentieth century and the entire history of modern drum set drumming: Chico Hamilton, Phil Seamen, Kenny Clark, Davey Tough, Big Sid Catlett, Papa Jo Jones, Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Art Blakey, shelly Manne, Jake Hanna, Mickey Roker, Billy Higgins, Art Taylor, Elvin Jones, Joe Morello, Paul Motion, Dannie Richmond, Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, Ginger Baker, Jerry Allison, Earl Phillips, Al Jackson JR. and Jim Keltner. Thanks for writing such a comprehensive, educational and very entertaining book, Chet.

Published by Centerstream and distributed by Hal Leonard. Buy at Amazon