Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charles Lloyd: Arrows Into Infinity

Directed by Jeffrey Morse and Dorothy Darr, the latter who is Charles Lloyd's painter/filmmaker wife, the documentary Charles Lloyd: Arrows Into Infinity chronicles the influential saxophonist and composer's life and career range.
Charles Lloyd was one of the most influential jazz musicians of the 1960s. His music crossed traditional boundaries and explored new territories. Born in Memphis, he grew up steeped in the blues but with an ear for modernity. At the age of 26, he was a bandleader with two successful records on Columbia Records, including Forest Flower, recorded live at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1966. His group, the Charles Lloyd Quartet, was comprised of an undiscovered Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette and Cecil McBee.
Lloyd shattered boundaries and charted new territories. Catapulted into worldwide fame in his 20s, by his early 30s, he was burned out and left a public life behind to go into seclusion in Big Sur, Calif. for over a decade.
Arrows Into Infinity is a journey in sound through the unusual life and career of this jazz legend. Through contemporary and archival film, along with commentary from the jazz, pop, art and literary worlds, we come to better understand this enigmatic man and his spiritual pursuit through music. Lloyd launched the careers of Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette, and French pianist Michel Petrucciani. He is a mentor to young musicians Jason Moran and Eric Harland, giving them a platform of freedom upon which to discover themselves. Musicians Jack DeJohnette, Jim Keltner, John Densmore, Robbie Robertson, Don Was, Jason Moran, Ornette Coleman, Zakir Hussain, Geri Allen, writer Stanley Crouch, painter Arthur Monroe, producers Manfred Eicher and Michael Cuscuna and others reveals to us Lloyd “the band leader,” Lloyd “the rebel” and Lloyd “the tender warrior.” But it is through Charles Lloyd's own poignant words and music that a poetic thread is created weaving together the unique aspects of his life.

2013, Dorothy Darr and Jeffrey Morse, USA, 114 minutes.

Blake Mills - Heigh Ho

Blake Mills - Heigh Ho
Verve Records #4700110 (2014)

Track Listing:
1. If I'm Unworthy
2. Cry To Laugh
3. Just Out of View
4. Seven
5. Don't Tell Our Friends About Me
6. Gold Coast Sinkin'
7. Silence Is Sincerity
8. Half Asleep
9. Three Weeks In Havana
10. Before It Fell
11. Shed Your Head
12. Curable Disease


Jim Keltner - Cowbell, Drums, Percussion
Blake Mills - Bass, Bass Harmonica, Drums, Guitar, Guitarron, Harmonica, Organ, Percussion, Producer, Tiple, Vocals
Fiona Apple - Bells, Vocals
Tony Berg - Guitar
Jon Brion - Piano, Tiple
Mike Elizondo - Bass
Griffin Goldsmith - Brushes, Percussion
Gabriel Kahane - Piano
Rob Moose - Strings
Benmont Tench - Piano
Don Was - Bass

Friday, July 25, 2014

Jim At R'N'R Fantasy Camp

The Beach Boys - Made In California

The Beach Boys - Made In California
Capitol/Universal Records 2323452 (2013)

Track Listing:

CD 1
1. Home Recordings / “Surfin’” Rehearsal Highlights (2012 Edit – Mono)
2. Surfin’ (with Session Intro – Mono)
3. Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (Demo – Mono)
4. Surfin’ Safari (Original Mono Long Version)
5. 409 (Original Mono Long Version)
6. Lonely Sea (Original Mono Mix)
7. Surfin’ U.S.A.
8. Shut Down (2003 Stereo Mix)
9. Surfer Girl
10. Little Deuce Coupe
11. Catch A Wave
12. Our Car Club
13. Surfers Rule (with Session Intro)
14. In My Room
15. Back Home
16. Be True To Your School (Mono Single Version)
17. Ballad Of Ole’ Betsy
18. Little Saint Nick (Stereo Single Version)
19. Fun, Fun, Fun (Stereo Single Version)
20. Little Honda
21. Don’t Worry Baby (2009 Stereo Mix)
22. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (2009 Stereo Mix)
23. The Warmth Of The Sun
24. I Get Around (with Session Intro – Mono)
25. Wendy (2007 Stereo Mix)
26. All Summer Long (2007 Stereo Mix)
27. Girls On The Beach
28. Don’t Back Down
29. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) (2012 Stereo Mix)
30. All Dressed Up For School (Mono)
31. Please Let Me Wonder (2007 Stereo Mix)
32. Kiss Me, Baby (2000 Stereo Mix)
33. In The Back of My Mind (2012 Stereo Mix)
34. Dance, Dance, Dance (2003 Stereo Mix)

CD 2
1. Do You Wanna Dance (2012 Stereo Mix)
2. Help Me, Rhonda (Mono Single Version)
3. California Girls (2002 Stereo Mix)
4. Amusement Parks USA (Early Version)
5. Salt Lake City (2001 Stereo Mix)
6. Let Him Run Wild (2007 Stereo Mix)
7. Graduation Day (Session Excerpt and Master Take, 2012 Mix)
8. The Little Girl I Once Knew (Mono)
9. There’s No Other (Like My Baby) (2012 “Unplugged” Mix with Party Session Intro)
10. Barbara Ann (2012 Stereo Mix)
11. Radio Spot “Wonderful KYA” (Mono)
12. Sloop John B (1996 Stereo Mix)
13. Wouldn’t It Be Nice (2001 Stereo Mix)
14. God Only Knows (1996 Stereo Mix)
15. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (1996 Stereo Mix)
16. Caroline No (1996 Stereo Mix)
17. Good Vibrations (Mono)
18. Our Prayer (2012 “Smile Sessions” Stereo Mix)
19. Heroes And Villains: Part 1 (“Smile Sessions” Mix – Mono)
20. Heroes And Villains: Part 2 (“Smile Sessions” Mix – Mono)
21. Vega-Tables (“Smile Sessions” Stereo Mix)
22. Wind Chimes (“Smile Sessions” Stereo Mix)
23. The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow) (“Smile Sessions” Mix – Mono)
24. Cabin Essence (“Smile Sessions” Mix – Mono)
25. Heroes And Villains (2012 Stereo Mix)
26. Wonderful (2012 Stereo Mix)
27. Country Air (2012 Stereo Mix)
28. Wild Honey (2012 Stereo Mix)

CD 3
1. Darlin’ (2012 Stereo Mix)
2. Let The Wind Blow (2001 Stereo Mix)
3. Meant For You (Alternate Version)
4. Friends
5. Little Bird
6. Busy Doin’ Nothin’
7. Sail Plane Song (2012 Stereo Mix)
8. We’re Together Again (2012 Stereo Mix)
9. Radio Spot “Murray The K” (Mono)
10. Do It Again (2012 Stereo Mix)
11. Old Man River (Vocal Section)
12. Be With Me
13. I Can Hear Music
14. Time To Get Alone
15. I Went To Sleep
16. Can’t Wait Too Long (A Cappella)
17. Break Away (Alternate Version)
18. Celebrate The News
19. Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song) (Single Version, 2001 Stereo Mix)
20. Susie Cincinnati (2012 Mix)
21. Good Time
22. Slip On Through
23. Add Some Music To Your Day
24. This Whole World
25. Forever
26. It’s About Time
27. Soulful Old Man Sunshine
28. Fallin’ In Love (2009 Stereo Mix)
29. Sound Of Free (Mono Single Version)
30. ‘Til I Die
31. Surf’s Up

CD 4
1. Don’t Go Near The Water
2. Disney Girls (1957)
3. Feel Flows
4. (Wouldn’t It Be Nice To) Live Again
5. Marcella
6. All This Is That
7. Sail On Sailor
8. The Trader
9. California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-I-A)
10. Rock And Roll Music (2012 Mix w/Extra Verse)
11. It’s OK (Alternate Mix)
12. Had To Phone Ya
13. Let Us Go On This Way
14. I’ll Bet He’s Nice
15. Solar System
16. The Night Was So Young
17. It’s Over Now (Alternate Mix)
18. Come Go With Me
19. California Feelin’
20. Brian’s Back (Alternate Mix)
21. Good Timin’
22. Angel Come Home
23. Baby Blue
24. It’s A Beautiful Day (Single Edit) (2012 Mix)
25. Goin’ To The Beach

CD 5
1. Goin’ On
2. Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love
3. Da Doo Ron Ron
4. Getcha Back
5. California Dreamin’
6. Kokomo
7. Soul Searchin’
8. You’re Still A Mystery
9. That’s Why God Made The Radio
10. Isn’t It Time (Single Version)
11. Runaway (Chicago 1965 — w/Concert Promo Intro – Mono)
12. You’re So Good To Me (Paris 1966 – Mono)
13. The Letter (Hawaii Rehearsal 1967)
14. Friends (Chicago 1968 – Mono)
15. Little Bird (Chicago 1968 – Mono)
16. All I Want To Do (London 1968)
17. Help Me, Rhonda (New Jersey 1972)
18. Wild Honey (New Jersey 1972)
19. Only With You (New York 1972)
20. It’s About Time (Chicago 1973)
21. I Can Hear Music (Maryland 1975)
22. Vegetables (New York 1993)
23. Wonderful (New York 1993)
24. Sail On Sailor (Louisville 1995)
25. Summer In Paradise (Wembley 1993)

CD 6
1. Radio Spot (1966 — Mono)
2. Slip On Through (A Cappella Mix)
3. Don’t Worry Baby (Stereo Session Outtake w/ Alternate Lead Vocal)
4. Pom Pom Play Girl (Vocal Session Highlight)
5. Guess I’m Dumb (Instrumental Track w/Background Vocals)
6. Sherry She Needs Me (1965 Track w/1976 Vocal)
7. Mona Kana (Instrumental Track)
8. This Whole World (A Cappella)
9. Where Is She?
10. Had To Phone Ya (Instrumental Track)
11. Smile Backing Vocals Montage (from “The Smile Sessions”)
12. Good Vibrations (Stereo Track Sections)
13. Be With Me (Demo)
14. I Believe In Miracles (Vocal Section)
15. Why (Instrumental Track)
16. Barnyard Blues
17. Don’t Go Near The Water (Instrumental Track)
18. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling
19. Transcendental Meditation (Instrumental Track)
20. Our Sweet Love (Vocals w/Strings)
21. Back Home (1970 Version)
22. California Feelin’ (Original Demo)
23. California Girls (“Lei’d In Hawaii” Studio Version)
24. Help You, Rhonda (“Lei’d In Hawaii” Studio Version)
25. Surf’s Up (1967 Version) (2012 Mix)
26. My Love Lives On
27. Radio Spot (1964 – Mono)
28. Wendy (BBC — Live in the Studio 1964 – Mono)
29. When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) (BBC — Live in the Studio 1964 – Mono)
30. Hushabye (BBC — Live in the Studio 1964 – Mono)
31. Carl Wilson: Coda (2013 Edit)

Jim Keltner - Drums, Programming
Brian Wilson - Arranger, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Carl Wilson - Arranger, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Carnie Wilson - Sleigh Bells, Vocals
Dennis Wilson - Arranger, Drums, Harmonica, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Jim Ackley - Guitar, Keyboards
Robert Adcock - Cello
Murray Adler - Violin
Bob Alcivar - Arranger, Conductor
Randall Aldcroft - Trombone
John Alder - Dobro, Guitar
Tandyn Almer - Arranger
Ron Altbach - Accordion, Arranger, Kazoo, Keyboards, Trombone, Vibraphone, Vocals
Mike Altschol - Clarinet, Saxophone
David Anderle - Vocals
Dale Anderson - Percussion
Michael Andreas - Arranger, Flute, Saxophone
Michael Anthony - Guitar
Ray Armando - Steel Drums
Victor Arno - Violin
Tony Asher - Sleigh Bells
John Audino - Trumpet
Margaret Aue - Cello
Don Bagley - Upright Bass
Mike Baird - Drums
Adrian Baker - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Israel Baker - Violin
Marilyn Baker - Viola, Vocals
Peggy Baldwin - Cello
Brian Banks - Keyboards
Phillip Bardowell - Guitar, Vocals
Robert Barene - Violin
Gary Barone - Trumpet
Michael Barone - Trombone
Alisha Bauer - Cello
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - Guitar
Eddie Bayers - Drums, Percussion
Paul Beaver - Moog Synthesizer
Curt Becher - Arranger, Guitar, Vocals
Gerry Beckley - Vocals
Myer Bello - Viola
Arnold Belnick - Violin
Harold Bemko - Cello
Ben Benay - Guitar
Max Bennett - Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Scott Bennett - Keyboards, Percussion, Vibraphone, Vocals
Ronald Benson - Guitar, Ukulele
Chuck Berghofer - Upright Bass
Paul Bergstrom - Cello
Roberleigh Bernhart - Arranger, Cello
Jan Berry - Vocals
Jackie Bertone - Percussion
Harry Betts - Arranger, Conductor, Trombone
Allan Beutler - Saxophone
Harold Billings - Trumpet
Jessica Bish - Finger Snaps
Curt Bisquera - Drums
George Black - Synthesizer
Lou Blackburn - Trombone
Hal Blaine - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Ginger Blake - Vocals
Chris Bleth - English Horn
Harry Bluestone - Violin
Samuel Boghossian - Viola
Ross Bolton - Keyboards
Jimmy Bond - Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Tim Bonhomme - Keyboards
Norman Botnick - Viola
Alan Boyd - Producer, Vocals
Nelson Bragg - Drums, Percussion
Kevin Brandon - Bass
Joey Brasler - Guitar
Allen Reid Breneman - Drums
Alfred Breuning - Violin
Emil Briano - Violin
Arthur Briegleb - French Horn
Verlye Mills Brilhart - Harp
Bud Brisbois - Trumpet
Graham Broad - Drums, Percussion
Junior Brown - Vocals
Marvin Brown - Trumpet
Raymond Brown - Trumpet
Ron Brown - Bass
T. Graham Brown - Vocals
Bob Brunner - Saxophone
Dennis Budimir - Guitar
Thomas Buffum - Violin
Tom Bukovac - Guitar
Lance Buller - Trombone, Trumpet
David Burk - Viola
Mike Burney - Saxophone
James Burton - Dobro, Guitar
Bill Byrne - Trombone
Kim Calkins - Drums
William Calkins - Clarinet, Flute
Red Callender - Tuba
Glen Campbell - Banjo, Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Trisha Campo - Vocals
Richie Cannata - Flute, Keyboards, Percussion, Saxophone
Frank Capp - Drums, Percussion
Andrea Carlo - Vocals
Barbara Carlson - French Horn
Steve Carnelli - Guitar
Ed Carter - Bass, Guitar
Jim "Chick" Carther - Flute, Saxophone
Dwight Carver - Mellophonium
Al Casey - Guitar
Stella Castellucci - Harp
Roy Caton - Trumpet
Blondie Chaplin - Arranger, Bass, Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Vince Charles - Steel Drums
Joe Chemay - Arranger, Bass, Vocals
Marion Childers - Trumpet
Peter Christ - English Horn
Pete Christlieb - Flute, Saxophone
Gene Cipriano - Oboe, Saxophone
Rod Clark - Bass
Todd Clark - Upright Bass
Michael Clarke - Drums
Alf Clausen - French Horn
Herman Clebanoff - Violin
John Coan - Cornet
Luther Coffee - Bass
David Cohen - Guitar
Vinnie Colauita - Drums
Jerry Cole - Guitar
Ervan F. "Bud" Coleman - Guitar
Gary Coleman - Marimba, Percussion
William Collette - Flute
Michel Colombier - Arranger, Conductor
Marisa Conover - Vocals
Jack Conrad - Bass
Ry Cooder - Guitar
Ronald Cooper - Cello
Craig Copeland - Guitar
John Cowsill - Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
Chad Cromwell - Drums
Rodney Crowell - Vocals
Sonny Curtis - Guitar
Mike D'Amico - Bass, Drums
Jasper Dailey - Vocals
Rollice Dale - Viola
Isabelle Daskoff - Violin
Douglas Davis - Cello
Mike Deasy - Guitar
Jim Decker - French Horn
Frank DeLaRosa - Upright Bass
Al DeLory - Keyboards
Joey DePompeis - Drums
Vincent DeRosa - French Horn
Joel Deroulin - Violin
Stephen W. Desper - Moog Synthesizer, Vocals
Frank DeVito - Drums
John DeVoogdt - Violin
Harold Dicterow - Violin
Joseph DiFiore - Viola
Doug Dillard - Banjo
Alvin Dinkin - Viola
Eugene Dinovi - Piano
Joseph Ditullio - Cello
Justin DiTullio - Cello
Jerry Donahue - Guitar
Bonnie Douglas - Violin
Steve Douglas - Clarinet, Contractor, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Tambourine
Daryl Dragon - Arranger, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Marimba, Vibraphone
Dennis Dragon - Drums, Percussion
Doug Dragon - Keyboards
Kathy Dragon - Flute
Dennis Dreith - Clarinet, Saxophone
Assa Drori - Violin
Timothy Drummond - Bass
David Duke - French Horn
Earle Dumler - Oboe
Steve Dvoreck - Vibraphone
Darryl Eaton - Trumpet
Steven Edelman - Upright Bass
Bob Edmondson - Trombone
Dave Edwards - Flute
Scott Edwards - Bass
Arni Egilsson - Upright Bass
Ernie Ehrhardt - Cello
Jesse Ehrlich - Arranger, Cello
Steve Eisen - Flute
Don Englert - Clarinet, Saxophone
Alan Estes - Percussion
Gene Estes - Keyboards, Percussion, Vibraphone
Bob Esty - Arranger
Virgil Evans - Trumpet
Gilbert Falco - French Horn
Craig Fall - Guitar, Keyboard Bass, Mandolin
Vincent Fanuele - Trombone
Chris Farmer - Bass, Musical Director, Vocals
Ricky Fataar - Arranger, Drums, Flute, Guitar, Keyboards, Pedal Steel Guitar, Producer, Vocals
Paul Fauerso - Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Victor Feldman - Percussion
Marie Fera - Cello
Henry Ferber - Violin
Glenn Ferris - Trombone
Ernie Fields Jr. - Saxophone
George Fields - Harmonica
Bobby Figueroa - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
David Filerman - Cello
Chuck Findley - Trumpet
Clare Fischer - Piano
Elliott Fisher - Violin
Bernard Fleischer - Flute, Saxophone
Ronald Folsom - Violin
Larry Ford - Trumpet
Rusty Ford - Bass
Steve Forman - Drums, Percussion
Dick Forrest - Flugelhorn, Trumpet
Carl Fortina - Accordion
Jeffrey Foskett - Guitar, Vocals
John Foss - Trumpet
John Foster - Guitar, Vocals
Bo Fox - Drums
Larry Franklin - Fiddle
Elliot Franks - Percussion
Ian Freebairn-Smith - Arranger
Vanessa Freebairn-Smith - Cello
Sam Freed - Violin
David Frisina - Violin
Donald Frost - Drums
Richie Frost - Drums
Gene Gaddy - Vocals
Bryan Garofalo - Bass, Vocals
Sonny Garrish - Pedal Steel Guitar
David Gates - Bass
Arny Geller - Vocals
Irving Geller - Violin
Chuck Gentry - Clarinet, Saxophone
Richard Gerdine - Violin
Nathan Gershman - Cello
James Getzoff - Violin
Joe Gibbons - Guitar
Bob Glaub - Bass
Sam Glenn, Jr. - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
Mark Goldenberg - Guitar
Harris Goldman - Violin
Pamela Goldsmith - Viola
Anne Goodman - Cello
Jack Gootkin - Violin
Jim Gordon - Drums, Percussion
Stuart Gordon - Cello, Viola, Violin
Conrad Gozzo - Trumpet
Steve Grainger - Saxophone
Endre Granat - Violin
Gary Gray - Clarinet
John Gray - Piano
Jay Graydon - Guitar
Bill Green - Flute, Saxophone
Urbie Green - Trombone
Ed Greene - Drums
Probyn Gregory - Banjo, Bass, French Horn, Guitar, Theremin, Trombone, Trumpet
Gary Griffin - Accordion, Arranger, Keyboards
Mark Grosclose - Drums
Henry Gross - Vocals
Scott Grusin - Guitar
James William Guercio - Bass, Producer, Vocals
Mark Guercio - Bass, Vocals
John Guerin - Drums, Percussion
Frank Guerrero - Percussion
Lynn Hammann - Drums
Robert Hardaway - English Horn, Oboe
Allan Harshman - Viola
Allan Harstian - Viola
Leonard Hartman - Clarinet, English Horn
Roy Hay - Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Stevie Heger - Drums
Robert S. Helfer - Orchestra Manager
Jimmy Helms - Guitar
James Henderson - Trombone
William Henderson - Violin
Rick Henn - Producer
Arthur Herfurt - Clarinet
Dave Hessler - Bass
Cliff Hills - Upright Bass
Billy Hinsche - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
William Hinshaw - French Horn
Meyer Hirsch - Saxophone
John Hobbs - Keyboards
Mitch Holder - Guitar
Dr. Eric Hord - Guitar
Jim Horn - Flute, Saxophone
Paul Horn - Flute, Saxophone
Igor Horoshevsky - Cello
Bill House - Guitar
James House - Vocals
Francis Howard - Trombone
Steve Huffsteter - Trumpet
James Hughart - Upright Bass
Cliff Hugo - Bass
Larry Hulley - Guitar
Simon Humphrey - Bass
Richard Hurwitz - Trumpet
Danny Hutton - Vocals
Dick "Slyde" Hyde - Trombone
Harry Hyams - Viola
George Hyde - French Horn
William Hymanson - Viola
Mark Isham - Trumpet
Sharon Jackson - Violin
Jules Jacob - Flute, Oboe
Tom Jacob - Organ
Gregg Jakobson - Contractor
Adam Jardine - Saxophone, Vocals
Al Jardine - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Arranger, Guitar, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Drew Jardine - Finger Snaps
Mary Ann Jardine - Vocals
Matt Jardine - Finger Snaps, Handclapping, Percussion, Vocals
Robbie Jardine - Finger Snaps
Norm Jeffries - Drums, Percussion
JoAnn Johannsen - Cello
Plas Johnson - Saxophone
Bruce Johnston - Arranger, Bass, Keyboards, Producer, Vocals
Harriet Johnston - Contractor
Jimmy Joyce & His Children's Chorus - Vocals
Jon Joyce - Vocals
Judy Perett - Cello
Kathryn Julye - Harp
Jerry Jumonville - Saxophone
Robert Jung - Saxophone
Steve Kalinich - Kazoo
Anatol Kaminsky - Violin
Artie Kaplan - Contractor
Jeff Kaplan - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Armand Kaproff - Cello
Nathan Kaproff - Violin
George Kast - Violin
Carol Kaye - Banjo, Bass, Guitar
Toby Keith - Vocals
Jan Kelley - Cello
Raymond Kelley - Cello
Richard Kelley Sr. - Upright Bass
Wells Kelly - Bass, Keyboards
Jackie Kelso - Clarinet, Saxophone
Peter Kent - Violin
Robert Kenyatta - Percussion
Barney Kessel - Guitar
Jerome Kessler - Violin
Louis Kievman - Viola
Chuck Kirkpatrick - Guitar
Randell Kirsch - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Mort Klanfer - Electric Bass, Upright Bass
Lou Klass - Violin
Harry Klee - Flute
Bobby Klein - Flute, Saxophone
Ernie Knapp - Bass
Larry Knechtel - Bass, Keyboards
Robert Knight - Trombone
Danny Kortchmar - Guitar
Steve Korthoff - Vocals
Cynthia Kovacs - Violin
Mark Kovacs - Viola
Mike Kowalski - Drums, Percussion
Fred Koyen - Trumpet
Raphael Kramer - Cello
Seymour Kramer - Violin
Bernie Krause - Moog Synthesizer
Bernard Kundell - Violin
Russ Kunkel - Drums
William Kurasch - Violin
Edward Kusby - Trombone
Stephens La Fever - Bass
Judd Lander - Harmonica
Mike Lang - Piano
Ronald Langinger - Saxophone
Henry Laubach - Trumpet
Jack Laubach - Trumpet
Denzil Laughton - Harp
Earl Leaf - Vocals
Songa Lee - Violin
Jeff Legg - Conductor, Guitar
Paul Leim - Drums
Greg Leisz - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Tony Leo - Percussion
Hy Lesnick - Upright Bass, Conductor, Contractor
Neil Levang - Dobro, Guitar
Gayle Levant - Harp
Joel Levin - Cello
Steve Levine - Producer, Programming
Stan Levy - Drums, Percussion
Carroll "Cappy" Lewis - Harmonica
Don Lewis - Keyboards
Kenny Lee Lewis - Bass
Marvin Limonick - Violin
Julian Lindsey - Arranger, Keyboards, Programming
Mark Linett - Producer
Larry Lingle - Guitar
Irving Lipschultz - Violin
Linda Lipsett - Viola
Charles Lloyd - Flute, Percussion, Saxophone
Charles Loper - French Horn
Sinclair Lott - French Horn
Christian Love - Guitar, Vocals
Hayleigh Love - Vocals
Maureen Love - Harp
Mike Love - Arranger, Producer, Saxophone, Tambourine, Theremin, Vocals
John Lowe - Flute, Saxophone
Abe Luboff - Upright Bass
Alfred Lustgarten - Violin
Edgar Lustgarten - Cello
Jacqueline Lustgarten - Cello
Kathleen Lustgarten - Cello
Glenn Lutz - Trumpet
Joy Lyle - Violin
Ian Lynne - Keyboards, Programming
Jimmy Lyon - Guitar
Arthur Maebe - French Horn
Willie Maiden - Flute, Saxophone
Roy Main - Trombone
Virginia Majewski - Viola
Leonard Malarsky - Violin
Gary Mallaber - Drums, Percussion
Ronnie Mancuso - Guitar
John Markowski - Guitar
David Marks - Guitar, Vocals
Frank Marocco - Accordion
Sal Marquez - Trumpet
Gordon Marron - Fiddle, Ring Modulator
Dale Martel - Guitar
Gail Martin - Trombone
Ricci Martin - Keyboards, Tambourine, Vocals
Tony Martin, Jr. - Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Nick Martinis - Drums
Sal Marullo - Percussion
Skip Masters - Vocals
Scott Mathews - Drums, Percussion
Timothy May - Guitar
Frank Mayes - Arranger, Saxophone
Charlie McCarthy - Saxophone
Van McCoy - Arranger
Lew McCreary - Trombone
George McFarlaine - Bass
James McGee - French Horn
Kenneth McGregor - Trombone
Roger McGuinn - Guitar
Dick McQuary - Trombone
Terry Melcher - Keyboards, Producer, Tambourine, Vocals
Mike Melvoin - Keyboards
Don Menza - Saxophone
Peter Mercurio - Upright Bass
Sammy Merendino - Drums
Mike Meros - Keyboards
Walt Meskell - Banjo
Frank Messina - Accordion
Kevin Michaels - Percussion
Chris Middaugh - Pedal Steel Guitar
Jay Migliori - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
Larry Millas - Bass
Carol Lee Miller - Autoharp
Mark Miller - Vocals
Maurice Miller - Drums
Taylor Mills - Vocals
Ollie Mitchell - Trumpet
David Montagu - Violin
Gary Moore - Guitar, Synthaxe
Mark Morales - Rap
John Morell - Guitar
Dorinda Morgan - Producer
Lorrie Morgan - Vocals
Tommy Morgan - Harmonica
Abe Most - Clarinet
Carli Munoz - Keyboards, Percussion
Susan Murphy - Vocals
Alexander Murray - Violin
Don Myrick - Saxophone
Dick Nash - Trombone
Ted Nash - Saxophone
The Nashville String Machine Orchestra - Strings
Steve Nathan - Keyboards
Buell Neidlinger - Upright Bass
Alexander Neiman - Viola
Willie Nelson - Vocals
Erno Neufeld - Violin
Roger Neumann - Arranger, Flute, Saxophone
Ira Newborn - Guitar
Jack Nimitz - Clarinet, Saxophone
Bob Norberg - Guitar
Milton Norman - Guitar
Rod Novak - Saxophone
Michael Nowak - Viola
Michael Nutt - Violin
Wilbert Nuttycombe - Violin
Brian O'Connor - French Horn
David Oppenheim - Sound Effects
Joe Osborn - Bass
Robert Ostrowsky - Viola
Rogier Van Otterloo - Arranger
Andy Paley - Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Jonathan Paley - Bass
Earl Palmer - Drums
Dennis Parker - Bass
Thomas Parker - Saxophone
Jon Parks - Contractor
Van Dyke Parks - Accordion, Keyboards
Don Peake - Bass, Guitar, Percussion
Elmo Peeler - Arranger, Keyboards
Nick Pellico - Percussion, Vibraphone
Gene Pello - Drums
Nick Pentelow - Saxophone
Jack Pepper - Violin
Richard Perissi - French Horn
Al Perkins - Pedal Steel Guitar
Bill Perkins - Saxophone
Joel Peskin - Arranger, Flute, Saxophone
Jim Peterik - Percussion, Ukulele
Frank St. Peters - Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone
Jeff Peters - Producer
Mitchell Peters - Percussion
Bill Peterson - Trumpet
Nicholas Pisani - Violin
Bill Pitman - Fuzz Bass, Guitar
Ray Pizzi - Bassoon
Stanley Plummer - Violin
Ray Pohlman - Bass, Guitar
Val Poliuto - Percussion, Vocal Coach
Mel Pollan - Upright Bass
Joe Pollard - Drums
George Poole - Violin
Al Porcino - Trumpet
George Price - French Horn
Mike Price - Trumpet
Gary Puckett - Guitar
Caleb Quaye - Guitar
Lou Raderman - Violin
Donald Ralke - Arranger
Joe Randazzo - Trombone
Don Randi - Keyboards
Mickey Raphael - Harmonica
Collin Raye - Vocals
Jack Redmond - Trombone
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach Jr. - French Horn
Joe Reilich - Viola
Jerome Reisler - Violin
Dorothy Remsen - Harp
John Renner - Flute, Saxophone
Morris Repass - Conductor, Contractor, Trombone
Dick Reynolds - Arranger, Conductor
Michael Rhodes - Bass
Red Rhodes - Pedal Steel Guitar
Emil Richards - Marimba, Vibraphone
Chet Ricord - Marimba
Jack Rieley - Narrator, Vocals
Billy Riley - Harmonica
Jim Riley - Guitar
Ian Ritchie - Arranger, Lyricon, Saxophone
Lyle Ritz - Electric Bass, Upright Bass, Ukulele
George Roberts - Trombone
Howard Roberts - Guitar
Alan Robinson - French Horn
Darren Robinson - Rap
Gale Robinson - French Horn
Marilyn Robinson - French Horn
Julie Rogers - Violin
Larry Rolando - Guitar
Eddie Rosa - Flute, Saxophone
Bob Rose - Vocals
Jay Rosen - Violin
Nathan Ross - Violin
Steve Ross - Guitar
Karl Rossner - Cello
Thom Rotella - Guitar
Henry Roth - Violin
Diane Rovell - Contractor, Vocals
Brent Rowan - Dobro, Guitar
Nick Rowe - Guitar
Jimmy Rowles - Piano
Meyer Rubin - Upright Bass
Mike Rubini - Keyboards
Washington Rucker - Drums
Bill Ruppert - Guitar
Leon Russell - Keyboards
Shelly Russell - Saxophone
Ambrose Russo - Violin
Darian Sahanaja - Keyboards, Musical Director, Vibraphone, Vocals
Ross Salamone - Drums, Percussion
Joe Sample - Keyboards
Sheldon Sanov - Violin
Emmet Sargeant - Cello
Joe Saxon - Cello
Victor Sazer - Cello
Ralph Schaeffer - Arranger, Violin
Jerry Scheff - Bass
Timothy B. Schmit - Vocals
Harold Schneier - Cello
Josef Schoenbrun - Violin
David Schwartz - Viola
Wilbur Schwartz - Flute, Saxophone
Tom Scott - Flute, Saxophone
Fred Selden - Saxophone
Leonard Selic - Viola
Frederick Seykora - Cello
Erica Sharp - Violin
Sid Sharp - Violin
Phil Shenale - Oberheim Synthesizer
David Sherr - Flute
Claude Sherry - French Horn
Bobby Shew - Trumpet
Harry Shlutz - Cello
Paul Shure - Violin
Stanley T. Sichell - Guitar
Jules Siegel - Vocals
Henry Sigismonti - French Horn
Brett Simons - Bass
Lou Singer - Vibraphone
Leland Sklar - Bass
Ernie Small - Flute, Saxophone
Arthur Smith - Ocarina, Piccolo
Putter Smith - Bass
Sterling Smith - Keyboards
Tommy Smith - Drums, Percussion
Wallace Snow - Percussion
Linn Sobotnick - Viola
David Sommerville - Vocals
Marshall Sosson - Violin
Jack Sparling - Drums
Dave Spence - Trumpet
Michael Sperry - Finger Snaps, Handclapping
John Stamos - Drums, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Spiro Stamos - Violin
Ringo Starr - Drums, Timpani
Joseph Stepansky - Violin
Lya Stern - Violin
Jerry Stevenson - Guitar
Baron Stewart - Vocals
Sheridon Stokes - Flute
David Stone - Upright Bass
Robert Stone - Upright Bass
Billy Strange - Guitar, Tambourine
Dana Strum - Bass
Doug Supernaw - Vocals
Robert Sushel - Violin
Ron Swallow - Tambourine
Ernie Tack - Trombone
Roy Tanabe - Violin
Paul Tanner - Theremin
Tommy Tedesco - Guitar, Mandolin
Benmont Tench - Keyboards
Toni Tennille - Keyboards, Vocals
Tony Terran - Trumpet
Darrel Terwilliger - Violin
Woody Thews - Percussion
Joe Thomas-  Keyboards, Percussion
Barbara Thomason - Viola
Richard Thompson - Clarinet, Flugelhorn, Flute, Keyboards, Saxophone
Julia Tillman - Vocals
George Tipton - Arranger
Russ Titelman-  Percussion
Richard D. Titus - Programming
Efrain Toro - Steel Drums
Dean Torrence - Vocals
Bobby Torres - Percussion
Scott Totten - Guitar, Vocals
Raymond Triscari - Trumpet
Kathy Troccoli - Vocals
Mari Tsumura - Violin
Eddie Tuduri - Drums, Percussion
Eddie Tuleja - Guitar, Vocals
Ron Tutt - Drums
Wayne Tweed - Bass
Lloyd Ulyate - Trombone
Ian Underwood - Keyboards
Gary Usher - Vocals
Ricky Van Shelton - Vocals
Marcia Van Dyke - Violin
Trevor Veitch - Contractor
Nick Venet - Producer
Al Vescovo - Banjo, Guitar
Dorothy Victor - Harp
Tommy Vig - Percussion, Vibraphone
Gerald Vinci - Violin
Al Viola - Guitar
Paul Von Mertens - Arranger, Flute, Harmonica, Musical Director, Saxophone
Michael Vosse - Vocals
Waddy Wachtel - Guitar
Dorothy Wade - Violin
Donald Waldrop - Tuba
Billy Joe Walker, Jr. - Guitar
Joe Walsh - Guitar
Nick Walusko - Guitar
Don Was - Producer
Richard Washington - Percussion
Wah-Wah Watson - Guitar
Ernie Watts - Saxophone
Derry Weaver - Guitar
Jimmy Webb - Arranger
Keith Wechsler - Drums, Keyboards, Programming
Julius Wechter - Percussion
Alan Weight - Trumpet
Bobby West - Bass
John Weston - Pedal Steel Guitar
Larry Whitman - Guitar
Walter Wiemeyer - Violin
Bob Williams - French Horn
Jerry Williams - Percussion
Carolyn Willis - Vocals
Jonah Wilson - Vocals
Justyn Wilson - Vocals
Marilyn Wilson - Vocals
Murry Wilson - Producer, Vocals
Wendy Wilson - Sleigh Bells, Vocals
Damon Wimbley - Rap
Jai Winding - Keyboards
Herschel Wise - Viola
John Wittenberg - Violin
Alfred Wohl - Cello
Stevie Wonder - Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
Roy Wood - Saxophone
Arthur Wright - Bass
Edna Wright - Vocals
Dan Wyman - Synthesizer Programming
Tammy Wynette - Vocals
Tibor Zelig - Violin
Shari Zippert - Violin
Jimmy Zito - Trumpet
Richie Zito - Guitar
Alex Del Zoppo - Piano

Friday, June 27, 2014

Jamie Oldaker - Jamie Oldaker's Mad Dogs & Okies

Jamie Oldaker - Jamie Oldaker's Mad Dogs & Okies
Concord Records 2267 (2005)

Track Listing:
1. Wait Til Your Daddy Gets Home/Feat. Vince Gill
2. Positively/Feat. Eric Clapton
3. Don't Let Your Feet Git Cold/Feat. Taj Mahal
4. Sympathy for a Train/Feat. Willis Alan Ramsey
5. Promises/Feat. Zadig & Marcella
6. Magnolia/Feat. Tony Joe White
7. Make Your Move/Feat. Bonnie Bramlett
8. Shotgun Shack/Feat. Wiley Hunt
9. Sending Me Angels/Feat. Peter Frampton
10. Time to Boogie/Feat. Ray Benson
11. Can't Find My Way Home/Feat. The Steve Pryor Band
12. Stagger Lee/Feat. Taj Mahal
13. Daylight/Feat. J. J. Cale
14. Song for You/Feat. Joe & Ellen
15. Motormouth/Feat. J.J. Cale, Willie Nelson
16. Make Your Move (Revisited)/Feat. Bonnie Bramlett

Jim Keltner - Drums
Jamie Oldaker - Drums, Percussion, Producer
Ray Benson - Guitar, Vocals
Chuck Blackwell - Drums
Joe Bonamassa - Slide Guitar
Bekka Bramlett - Backing Vocals
Bonnie Bramlett - Vocals
Jim Byfield - Guitar
J.J. Cale - Guitar, Vocals
John Catchings - Cello
Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Colvin - Backing Vocals
Martin Crutchfield - Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Shelby Eicher - Fiddle, Mandolin
Richard Feldman - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ellen Feltsky - Vocals
Joe Feltsky - Acoustic Guitar
John R. Ferguson - Guitar
Peter Frampton - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Rocky Frisco - Organ
Ron Getman - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar
Jenny Gill - Backing Vocals
Vince Gill - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Vocals
Gary Gilmore - Bass
Wiley Hunt - Guitar, Vocals
Fats Kaplin - Accordion, Fiddle
Jim Karstein - Drums, Percussion, Tambourine
Joslyn Keel - Backing Vocals
Jeremy Kelsey - Backing Vocals
Viktor Krauss - Acoustic Bass
Christine Lakeland - Acoustic Guitar
Latimer Street Quartet - Backing Vocals
Taj Mahal - Guitar, Vocals
Jimmy Markham - Harmonica
Bob Mayo - Organ, Piano, Synthesizer
Willie Nelson - Vocals
Dante Pope - Backing Vocals
The Steve Pryor Band - Guitar, Vocals
Bill Raffenspeger - Bass
Willis Alan Ramsey - Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar
John Regan - Bass
Royce Rice - Organ
Walt Richmond - Clavinet, Organ, Piano
Dick Sims - Fender Rhodes, Organ
David Spricher - Acoustic Bass
Casey Van Beek - Bass
Don White - Guitar
Tony Joe White - Harmonica, Spanish Guitar, Vocals
David Teegarden - Producer

LA Studio Roundtable

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Jeff Porcaro On Jim Keltner 2

Twenty-four year old Jeff Porcaro was born in Hartford, Connecticut and first got interested in drumming due to the influence of his father. He began playing seriously at age seven though he is sure "I was playing even earlier than that. Only my father would actually know when I got started." Formal lessons initially came from papa Joe, followed by further studies with Bob Zimmitti and Rich Lapore. Jeff clearly remembers his early drumming years.

"I was using my father's drum, and when I was thirteen I got into a rock band. I remember walking home from school one day and a friend came running down the street and told me I got a new drum set. Some kid had won a Slingerland champagne sparkle set in a poker game and he sold it to my father with cases and cymbals for something like $250. It consisted of an 8' x 12" and 16" X 16" tom, 22" bass, a snare, and a couple of cymbals, 20" and 18". I was only aware of my father's work back then. I listened to other drummers, but I wasn't really aware of them. Eventually I left high school. I didn't actually graduate, but I did get a diploma. I got this gig with Sony and Cher and I left a week or two before finals. I never took the finals, but they gave me a diploma anyway. I had to tell them how much I'd be making, and why I wanted to leave and what it meant as far as my future was concerned. They were quite pleased. They let me go without any quarrel.

Though he left school early in return for a drumming career, he doesn't necessarily suggest that high school age drummers in search of musical fame and fortune follow the same path. "In general, I wouldn't recommend that an individual drop out of school at say his junior year for an opportunity like mine. I don't think my parents would have allowed me to leave if I was any younger. If it was totally up to me I probably would have, because I was a shlock in school. From my personal experience, going on the road at eighteen did a lot more for me than becoming a school musical genius. They're schooled, and they're slick, but there's no soulful feeling from those guys. The school bit doesn't mean anything to me. It's good to look at, and you say, 'Oh yeah, beautiful, I like that, beautiful touch, you've got stick control'...but those guys would fall apart if they had to play with Chuck Raney, or someone like that. If they played anything, they would fall apart."

Jeff's early dates with the team of Sonny and Cher led to some road work and recording dates with Seals and Crofts, on three of their albums. In 1977, he joined Steely Dan and stayed on about four months. All of that was followed by his work with Boz Scaggs. In between, there were numerous recording sessions with Jackson Browne, Barbra Streisand, Helen Reddy, Leo Sayer and Diana Ross, among others. After several years of backing other people, Jeff's primary interest now has turned toward the success of his new group.

"David Paich and I started our own group and plan to make our own album. David is the keyboard player who wrote Lowdown, Lido Shuffle, and What Can I Say for Boz Scaggs' Silk Degrees album. The group also includes my brother, Steve, Dave Hungate, bass, Steve Lukather, guitar, Bobby Kimball, keyboards and lead vocal. At this point we're calling ourselves Toto. What we're going after is triple-platinum albums. It looks like it might happen. We have a lot of offers right now, and we're in negotiation with several record companies. It'll be a real commercial thing. We have a manager who does Chicago, Rufus, and a couple of other groups.

When it comes to equipment, Jeff has a set for practically every musical situation. A real stickler for the precise sound for each situation he runs up against, his assortment of gear is astounding.

"I have three Ludwig drum sets. Two of them consist of 22" bass drums, 9 X 13, 10 X 14, 16 X 16, and 18 X 18 toms. One set is black and the other is blue. The third set is an older one. It's made of wood, with a 24" bass, 8 X 12, 9 X 13, and an 18" tom. I also carry another 26" bass drum. I have two Gretsch sets. One has 8 X 12, 9 X 13, and 16 X 16 tims, and the other an 18" bass drum, 7 X 10, 8 X 12 and 14 X14 toms. I have a Camco set that they made for me with a 24" bass, 8 X 12, 9 X 13, 16 X 16, and 18 X 18 toms. I had Steinway Piano Company do the finish on them. They're wood and the shells are thick. Everything is brass plated, so it's all black and brass, with a solid brass 6 1/2" snare drum. And then there's my Slingerland with the 28" bass drum. That's my "heavy metal" set with everything in chrome, 20 X 20 floor tom, and an 11 X 15. The Ludwig was basically my all-around studio set. I got into Gretsch for live performances. I use clear plastic heads on them, all wide open. Fiberglass drums, plexiglass drums and all that is bullshit. There's something about them I just don't like. There's something about the sound. You can blow them all away. I go for the wood sound.

"As of late the recording engineers are getting into putting the drums live out into the open room. The west coast recording techniques were pretty much standardized in the late 60's and early 70's to the point where everybody's snare drum sounded the same. And you had to have them that way because that's the way the engineers wanted it. But now, peoples' heads are stretching out. Guys are getting back into putting drums out into the open room with just two overhead mikes, and getting an unbelievable sound. I basically have different set-ups for different recording projects. With Jackson Browne, I'd have a more mellow sounding set with huge toms for his kind of music. When I'm doing Boz Scaggs it may be a little crisper, maybe wide open. But if Boz happens to do Lido Shuffle, which is kind of Led Zeppelinsique, then out comes the big giant set. The Camco was made especially for live performances. It looks good, and sounds good too. I also have a slew of snare drums, all different sizes, ages and materials. I own four cymbals and one pair of hi-hats. Out of all those sets, just one set of cymbals, and only one of those cymbals is solid, my 22" ride. All of my cymbals were once my father's. That's a standing joke between us. 'Hey dad, can I borrow one of your cymbals?,' and he never sees it again."

Following along the lines of a set for all occasions, Jeff has distinctive opinions and preferences in head choices and tuning. He puts forth a total effort to achieve the proper balance of sound to complement the styles of different artists.

"For recording, I mainly use Ludwig DB-750 drum heads on all my Ludwig toms. I use bottom heads. It's a thin head, and the best sounding. I change the heads on all the drums of my recording sets every three days. I tune them low and fat as hell and they sound perfect for recording. They're thin, but they're tuned so loose, they get wrinkles. After a few hard takes they get dents and they're no good anymore. I use Remo Ambassador on the snare drum, and some of the Remo clear plastic on the other sets. No black dots. I don't like any of that. One set has the Evans heads, tuned real tight.

"As far as snare drums go, I recently hit upon something that's a little hard to talk about, but you have to hear it on records. A lot of them like that big, fat, meaty snare drum like you hear on Fleetwood Mac. That real thick sound. I use a 6 1/2 metal snare with the bottom head pretty tight and the snares going all the way across. I put the top head on and use a splicing block, like those used for splicing tape, or something about that size. I put it together with some foam, and I wrap a piece of leather around and lay it so the foam is resting against the head. I don't like any internal muffling, or cloth with tape. A wallet sounds good on top of the snare. The top head is tuned loose, to where each lug is about to fall off. Start hitting it with the snares real loose and raise the pitch of the head from that position, tightening the snares slightly. Within about three rotations, you've got yourself a nice sounding snare drum. I keep the top heads loose and the bottom heads tight on my toms to get the ptich to bend a little."

Coinciding with many of the "new" players, Jeff's preference in stick grip leans toward the matched. With the standard grip he found blisters developing on the middle finger of his left hand simply because of the power with which he plays.

"I don't have any of the chops I use to have with my left hand, but I feel a lot better using the new grip. It's the only way there is. My father was a professor of the traditional grip and even he switched to the matched grip."

Jeff also has some strong feelings on matters ranging from drum sticks to drum electronics.

"I hate sticks. They're not like they used to be. I remember when you could buy a pair of sticks and they would last awhile. They'd feel good. The wood was nice, and you knew it just by the feel of the stick. When you hit the tip on a cymbal, you could feel it in your hand. Now sticks are warped and the wood doesn't feel right. They don't last as long. I usually use a stick similar to a 5A in weight, but not as thick, and maybe a little shorter."

"As far as electronics go, I just did a bunch of records using the Syndrum. I was one of the first guys to see the prototype of that. Jim Keltner, Hal Blaine and myself were using those in recording when the prototypes came out. Now, everybody is using them. That Carly Simon tune, Nobody Does It Better, was one of the things I did using the Syndrum. The new Hall and Oates, Boz Scaggs, and Leo Sayer albums have it all over the place. They're the best electronic drums I've heard or played. You can get them to sound just like a drum."

Recently a new homeowner, Jeff hopes to fix up his garage for use as a studio, and with the new group, have more time for practice and study.

"I haven't had much of a chance to do any practicing. It's really weird because when you start doing lots of sessions and working every day, you have to start meeting up to what people imagine of you as a player. I'm really not into that. I don't care what people think of me, as opposed to being a really good all-around player. I just enjoy what I'm doing."

At the ripe age of 24, Jeff has also developed a fine ear for the work of a wide variety of drummers, along with some astute feelings on the importance of a drummer's concern for musicality, first and foremost.

"One guy that has really impressed me is Steve Gadd. The finest drummer out right now. He's unbelievably straight and well schooled. He's getting to be known as one of the most schooled drummers in history. He's amazing. He can read anything you put in front of him. He blows peoples' minds. Then there are people like Jim Gordon and Harvey Mason. I wouldn't put myself up with any of those guys. They're the guys that are doing it today. Ed Green, Rick Mirada [Marotta?], Bernard Purdie, and Jim Keltner. In the pop-rock field, Keltner has to be the master. The shame is that he's done a lot of sessions and is not someone everybody is aware of. He's done a lot of big records with John Lennon, Joe Cocker, and all the George Harrison things. Those aren't the real Keltner though. The real Keltner is stuff like the original Delaney and Bonnie album, and the old Leon Russell, and his own group called Attitudes. He's incredible. Among jazz players, there really aren't many guys who are playing like Elvin, or Philly, or Art Blakey or any of those guys. When those guys do a solo in the jazz context of soloing, it's cool because they play a chorus and still play musically. I'm not interested in a guy showing me what he can do rudimentally when it's not musical. When you don't hear any nice notes, or phrases, and when there's no soul to it whatsoever, it's like saying, 'Hey, dig what I can do'. No thank you. That's not for me.