Sunday, May 15, 2016

Neil Young With Booker T. & The MG's ‎– Tuning My Guitar Right

Neil Young With Booker T. & The MG's ‎– Tuning My Guitar Right
Rocks 92080 Unofficial Release (1993)

Track Listing:
1. Mr. Soul
2. The Loner
3. Southern Man
4. Helpless
5. Like A Hurricane
6. Love To Burn (1st Attempt)
7. Motorcycle Mama
8. Love To Burn
9. Separate Ways
10. Powderfinger
11. Live To Ride
12. Down By The River
13. All Along The Watchtower

Jim Keltner - Drums
Neil Young - Guitar, Vocals
Donald "Duck" Dunn - Bass
Steve Cropper - Guitar
Booker T. Jones - Keyboards
Annie Stocking, Astrid Young - Backing Vocals

Friday, May 13, 2016

Aske Jacoby ‎- Luna Plena Super Me

Aske Jacoby ‎- Luna Plena Super Me
Sony Music 88875197141 (2016)

Side One:
1. Trash Can Man    
2. To Turn The Last Page    
3. Perpetual Pleasure    
4. Earthquakes & Lovebombs    
5. My Heart Is A Muscle

Side Two:    
1. The CPH Blues    
2. The Hunt    
3. Fundamentalist    
4. Reincarnation Blues

Jim Keltner - drums, percussion
Aske Jacoby - vocals, guitar
Tony Scherr - bass
The National Danish Symphony Orchestra - strings
The Symphony Orchestra, The Danish National Radio Big Band - horns

Buster Sidebury aka Jim Keltner

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Challengers - Vanilla Funk

The Challengers - Vanilla Funk
GNP Crescendo GNPS 2056 (1970)

Side One:
1. Soulful Strut
2. Games People Play
3. For What It´s Worth
4. Soul Deep
5. I´m Gonna Make You Love Me
6. Vanilla Funk

Side Two:
1. Mercy Mercy
2. The Weight
3. We´ll All Get By
4. Wheel´s (Keep On Turning)
5. Camel Back

Jim Keltner - drums
Craig Doerge - piano
Carl Radle - bass
Richard Delvy - drums, producer
Dave Roberts - arranger
Glenn Grey — lead guitar
Don Landis — rhythm guitar
Randy Nauert — bass
Jim Roberts — keyboards
Nick Hefner — saxophone

The Great Music Experience 1994

The Great Music Experience was a concert starring Japanese and international musicians staged at the eighth century Buddhist temple of Tōdai-ji, in Nara, Japan in May 1994. The concert, held over three nights (May 20 - May 22) and partly backed by UNESCO, took place in front of the world's largest wooden building, housing the largest Buddha statue in the world.

UNESCO hoped that the event would be the first of seven annual concerts that would take place at some of the world's architectural treasures - the sites it had in mind included the Pyramids, China's Forbidden City and the Taj Mahal but nothing came of the idea. A concert earmarked for a Mexican pyramid was called off because of the collapse of the peso.

The Tōdai-ji concert brought together Japanese and Western musicians playing music showing the influences of both cultures. The musicians included Bob Dylan, Jon Bon Jovi, Joni Mitchell and INXS. Dylan played in front of the Tokyo New Philharmonic orchestra, the first time he had played with an orchestra.

The priests of Tōdai-ji agreed to stage the concert only after talks lasting several months with British producer Tony Hollingsworth. Shinkai Shindō, the head priest, said that Buddhism aimed to make people happy and that the concert would make the religion more appealing to young people.
UNESCO said that it would not have gone ahead if it was not convinced that the site would be respected in a physical, cultural and religious sense.
UNESCO hoped that a series of concerts would be able to use the appeal of rock musicians to widen the audience for the world's cultural heritage. The Tōdai-ji concert would also help to promote traditional Japanese music. It was important for traditional musicians to stand on the same stage with Dylan and Bon Jovi.

Hollingsworth said that his aim was to create a "roller coaster of musical cultures", with Japanese and Western artists playing together after a week of rehearsals. The final night's concert on May 22 was broadcast to 50 countries but, with a breakdown of equipment, a tape recording of the second night was interwoven with the live concert for some of the time. Two documentaries were also broadcast, showing western artists watching Japanese cultural events and rehearsing with Japanese musicians.

The star of the show turned out to be Dylan who said as soon as he came off-stage that he had not sung so well for 15 years. Dylan opened with A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall which Q magazine said was "no ordinary version...[he] really opens his lungs and heart and sings, like he's not done for many a year...The only word for it majestic."

Hollingsworth's original idea for the concert was to help overcome western hostility towards Japan caused by the highly successful Japanese economy. The economic bubble, however, had burst by the time the concert took place.

Artists appearing at the event:
Bob Dylan
Cara Butler
Hasedera Temple Shomyo
Hiroshi Hori
Jon Bon Jovi
Joni Mitchell
Koji Tamaki
Leonard Eto and His Drummers
Richie Sambora
Roger Taylor
Ry Cooder
Ryu Hongjun and Tempyo Gafu
Shoukichi Kina
The Chieftains
Todai-ji Shomyo
Tokyo New Philharmonic Orchestra
Tomoyasu Hotei
Toshinori Kondo
Wayne Shorter
X Japan

Backing musicians:
Ray Cooper
Ed Shearmur
Jim Keltner
Phil Palmer
Pino Palladino
Wix Wickens

Vanessa Fernandez - When The Levee Breaks

Vanessa Fernandez - When The Levee Breaks
Groove Note LGN 1088 (2016)

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Immigrant Song
2. Black Dog

Side B:
3. Kashmir
4. Trampled Underfoot

Side C:
5. When the Levee Breaks (acoustic)
6. The Lemon Song

Side D:
7. Ramble On
8. Whole Lotta Love

Side E:
9. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
10. Immigrant Song

Side F:
11. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (alternate mix - LP only bonus cut)
12. Whole Lotta Love (full rock mix - LP only bonus cut)

Jim Keltner - drums
Vanessa Fernandez - vocals
Tim Pierce - guitars, arranger
Chris Chaney - bass
Jim Cox - keyboards
Charlie Bisharat - violin
Luis Conte - percussion
Ying Tan - producer

Michael Menager - Not The Express

Michael Menager - Not The Express
? (2016)

Track Listing:
1. Unfamiliar Place
2. Take To Wing
3. Pieces
4. Not The Express
5. Looking Good, Going Nowhere
6. Don't Baby Don't
7. Bad Habits
8. From Father To Son
9. A Time Of Turning
10. Rise In Love

Jim Keltner - drums, percussion
Michael Menager - vocals, acoustic guitar
Heath Cullen - electric guitar, acoustic guitars, banjo, producer
Matt Nightingale - upright bass
Aaron Embry - acoustic piano,  electric piano, keyboards

Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari - Black Cat

Zucchero "Sugar" Fornaciari - Black Cat
Universal 5072752 (2016)

Track Listing:
1. Partigiano Reggiano
2. 13 Buone Ragioni
3. Ti Voglio Sposare
4. Ci si Arrende
5. Ten More Days
6. L’Anno Dell’Amore
7. Hey Lord
8. Fatti Di Sogni
9. La Tortura Della Luna
10. Love Again
11. Terra Incognita
12. Voci (Namanama Version)
13. Streets Of surrender (S.O.S.)

Jim Keltner - drums
Zucchero - vocals, piano, acustic guitar, Hammond organ, keyboards, farfisa, harmonium
Mark Knopfler - national guitar
Mark Goldenberg - acustic guitar
Stavros Ioannou - guitar, bass
Colin Linden - guitar
Max Marcolini - guitar, bass, harp, dobro, mellotron, piano
Brendan O'Brien - guitars, bass, synthesizer, producer
Davide Rossi - guitar
Tim Pierce - electric guitar, acustic guitar
Barry Balese - upright bass
Nathan East - bass
Greg Leisz - pedal steel guitar, acustic guitar
Russell Pahl - pedal steel guitar
Jerry Douglas - lap steel guitar, dobro
Federico Biagetti - dobro
Matt Chamberlain - drums
Jay Bellerose - drums, percussion
Lenny Castro - percussion
Aaron Sterling - percussion
Michael Finnigan - piano
Jamie Muhoberac - piano, moog, mellotron
Patrick Warren - mellotron
Nils Ruzicka - keyboards
Darrell Leonard - trumpet
Lester Lovitt - trumpet
Ira Nepus - trombone
Thomas Peterson - saxophone
Joe Sublet - saxophone
Gene Cipriano - english horn
Stephanie O'Keefe - french horn
Biagio Antonacci - vocals
Kurt Lykes - backing vocals
Jason Morales - backing vocals
James McCrary - backing vocals
Linda McCrary - backing vocals
Arthur Miles - backing vocals
Louis Pardini - backing vocals
Melody Perry - backing vocals
Cheryl Porter - backing vocals
Leslie Sackey - backing vocals
Alfie Silas - backing vocals
Lisa Stone - backing vocals
Jennifer Vargas - backing vocals
Vincenzo Draghi - backing vocals
Mike Piersante - hand claps
Don Was, T-Bone Burnett - producer