Thursday, August 1, 2013

William Lee Golden - American Vagabond

William Lee Golden - American Vagabond
MCA Records MCA-5749 (1986)

Side One:
1. Still In The Game
2. Come On In (You Did The Best You Could Do)
3. You Can't Take It With You
4. Love Is The Only Way Out
5. Music For My Soul

Side Two:
1. American Vagabond
2. Heroes
3. Somebody Gotta Pay
4. You Turn The Light On
5. Let There Be Love

Jim Keltner - drums
William Lee Golden - vocals
Eli Ball - producer
Booker T. Jones - keyboards, producer
Jimi Jamison - vocals
Vince Gill - vocals
Rosanne Cash - vocals
Jim Dickinson - piano
Carl Marsh - piano
Willie Weeks - bass
Berry Beckett - keyboards
Eddy Shaver - guitar

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