Friday, September 20, 2013

The Paley Brothers - The Complete Recordings

The Paley Brothers - The Complete Recordings
Real Gone Music RGM-0182 (2013)

Track Listing:
1. Here Comes My Baby (Unreleased)
2. Meet The Invisible Man (Unreleased)
3. Too Good To Be True
4. Boomerang (Unreleased)
5. Felicia (Unreleased, Live At Madison Square Garden)
6. Come Out And Play
7. She's Eighteen Tonight (Unreleased)
8. Running In The Rain (Unreleased)
9. Sapphire Eyes (Unreleased)
10. Come On Let's Go (With The Ramones)
11. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
12. Down The Line
13. Sheila (Unreleased, Live At Madison Square Garden)
14. You're The Best
15. Stick With Me Baby
16. Hide & Seek
17. Lovin' Eyes Can't Lie
18. Spring Fever (Unreleased)
19. Rendezvous
20. Jacques Cousteau (As The Young Jacques)
21. Tell Me Tonight
22. Magic Power
23. Turn The Tide
24. Ecstasy
25. Theme From Fireball XL-5 (Unreleased)
26. Baby, Let's Stick Together (Unreleased)

Jim Keltner, Hal Blaine, Jeff Wilkinson, Jan Uvena - Drums
Andy Paley - Vocals, Bass, Drums, Claviola, Guitar, Harmonica, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vibraphone
Jonathan Paley - Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Producer
Jimmy Haslip, Dee Dee Ramone, Leigh Foxx, Ray Pohlman, Rob Skeen - Bass
Dan Kessel, Dave Kessel, Elliot Easton, Eric Rose, James Burton, Johnny Ramone, Jonathan Richman, Steve Cataldo, Tommy Tedesco - Guitar
Alex Chilton, Andy Paley, Dwight Twilley, Phil Seymour, Rodney Bingenheimer, Harvey Kubernik - Percussion
Tommy Ramone - Percussion, Drums
Barry Goldberg, Don Randi, Jeff Lass, Roy Bittan - Piano
Jay Migliori, Steve Douglas - Saxophone
Erik Lindgren - Theremin
Richard Hyde - Trombone
Julius Wechter - Vibraphone
Phil Spector - Producer, Percussion
Earle Mankey, Jimmy Iovine - Producer
Alain Goldrach, Barry Marshall, Brian Wilson, Will Birch - Backing Vocals

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