Friday, March 27, 2015

Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure

Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure
Capitol Records 002177202 (2015)

Track Listing:
1. This Beautiful Day
2. Runaway Dancer
3. What Ever Happened
4. On The Island
5. Half Moon Bay
6. Our Special Love
7. The Right Time
8. Guess You Had To Be There
9. Don t Worry
10. Somewhere Quiet
11. I m Feeling Sad
12. Tell Me Why
13. Sail Away
14. One Kind Of Love
15. Saturday Night
16. The Last Song

Jim Keltner - drums
Brian Wilson - vocals, producer, arranger, piano, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
Jimmy Riley, Tom Bukovac - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Al Jardine - vocals
Dean Parks - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Don Was, Michael Rhodes, Bob Lizik, Zachary Dawes, Brett Simons, Shane Soloski - bas
Joe Thomas - producer, piano, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards
Kenny Aronoff, Vinnie Colaiuta, Chad Cromwell, Eddie Beyers - drums
Nelson Bragg - percussion
Scott Bennett - percussion, backing vocals, vibes, piano, Hammond B3 organ
Richie Davis, Marc Goldenberg, Nick Walusko - guitar
Probyn Gregory - guitar, french horn
Darian Sahanaja - piano, vibes, Hammond B3 organ
Probyn Gregory - vocals
Matt Jardine - vocals
Jeffrey Foskett - guitar, vocals
David Marks - guitar
Blondie Chaplin - vocals
Kacey Musgraves - vocals
Nate Ruess - vocals
Zooey Deschanel - vocals
M. Ward - guitar
Peter Hollens - vocals
Sebu Simonian  - vocals, programming, keyboards
Mark Isham - flugelhorn, trumpet
Jeff Lanz - keyboards
Joey Grzyb, Gary Griffin - accordion
Wayne Bergeron, Larry Hall, Tim Bales, Rob Parton, Carey Deadman - trumpet
Charles Morales, Dave Stahlberg, Tom Garling - trombone
John Mason - french horn
Paul Van Mertens - saxophone, flute, bass harmonica, arranger, conductor
Peter Kent - concertmaster
Chihsuan Yang, Sharon Jackson, Clayton Haslop, John Wittenberg, Songa Lee, Amy Wickman, Mark Robertson, Julie Rogers, Marisa Kuney, Charlie Bisharat - violin
Scott Hosfeld, Brian Bandy, Caroline Buckman, Darrin McCann, Joann Tominga - viola
Jill Keading, Cameron Stone, Alisha Bauer, Giovanna Clayton, Vanessa Freebairn Smith - cello

Monday, March 16, 2015

Claire Séverac - Dream With Me

Claire Séverac - Dream With Me
AVC Records AVL-4002 (1988)

Side One:
1. Dream With Me
2. Eyes Of Love
3. Baby You're All I Want
4. C'est Le Seul Homme
5. Heart Of Hearts
6. Souvenirs Du Futur

Side Two:
1. More Than You Know
2. La Vie Dansante
3. Come Back To Bed
4. Hold On To The Dream
5. A Cet Enfant
6. Hang On To Your Heart

Jim Keltner, Chet McCracken - Drums
Claire Séverac - Vocals
David Soul, Peter Beckett, Billy Swan, Albert Hammond, Baron Longfellow - Vocals
Bill Lanphier, Jay Lewis - Bass
Al Gorgoni, Dan Off, Jay Lewis - Guitar
Gabriel Katona, Jeff Lorber, Mark Ross - Keyboards
Barry Mann - Vocals, Producer
James Donnellan, John Parker - Producer
Danny Pelfrey, Larry Klimas - Saxophone