Monday, March 16, 2015

Claire Séverac - Dream With Me

Claire Séverac - Dream With Me
AVC Records AVL-4002 (1988)

Side One:
1. Dream With Me
2. Eyes Of Love
3. Baby You're All I Want
4. C'est Le Seul Homme
5. Heart Of Hearts
6. Souvenirs Du Futur

Side Two:
1. More Than You Know
2. La Vie Dansante
3. Come Back To Bed
4. Hold On To The Dream
5. A Cet Enfant
6. Hang On To Your Heart

Jim Keltner, Chet McCracken - Drums
Claire Séverac - Vocals
David Soul, Peter Beckett, Billy Swan, Albert Hammond, Baron Longfellow - Vocals
Bill Lanphier, Jay Lewis - Bass
Al Gorgoni, Dan Off, Jay Lewis - Guitar
Gabriel Katona, Jeff Lorber, Mark Ross - Keyboards
Barry Mann - Vocals, Producer
James Donnellan, John Parker - Producer
Danny Pelfrey, Larry Klimas - Saxophone

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