Saturday, February 8, 2014

Riley Etheridge Jr. - The Straight And Narrow Way

Riley Etheridge Jr. - The Straight And Narrow Way
Rock Ridge Music 61406 (2014)

Track Listing:
1. Song For Amy
2. What's A Man To Do?
3. Another Time, Another Place
4. Roll Away The Stone
5. Heart Attack
6. The Maze (Of My Own Creation)
7. Even As We Fall
8. The Straight And Narrow Way
9. Second Chance, Saving Grace
10. (She's) Only In New York
11. Down To My Last Twenty Dollars

Jim Keltner - Drums
Riley Etheridge Jr. - vocals, guitar
Doug Belote - Bass, Drums
Bobby Campo - Horn
Tony Dagradi - Horn
Danny Sadownick - Percussion
Dan Dugmore - Pedal Steel Guitar
David Ellis - Bass, Drums
Erica Falls - Background Vocals
Rex Gregory - Horn
Philip Manuel - Background Vocals
Greg Morrow - Bass, Drums
Johnny Neel - Harmonica, Keyboards
NOLA Horns - Horn
Michael Rhodes - Bass, Drums
Larry Sieberth - Horn Arrangements
Shane Theriot - Guitar, Producer, Background Vocals
Wendell Tilley - Guitar, Producer, Background Vocals
Rick Trolsen - Horn
Calvin Turner - Bass, Drums
Sara Watkins - Violin, Background Vocals

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