Friday, October 3, 2014

Jackson Browne - Standing In The Breach

Jackson Browne - Standing In The Breach
Inside Recordings INR 14107 (2014)

Track Listing:
1. The Birds of St. Marks
2. Yeah Yeah
3. The Long Way Around
4. Leaving Winslow
5. If I Could Be Anywhere
6. You Know the Night
7. Walls and Doors
8. Which Side?
9. Standing In the Breach
10. Here

Jim Keltner - Drums
Jackson Browne - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Alex Al - Bass
Jay Bellerose - Cymbals, Drums (Snare), Percussion, Tambourine
Luis Conte - Djembe, Shaker, Tambourine, Udu
Aldo López-Gavilán - Piano
Bob Glaub - Bass
Mark Goldenberg - Guitar
Griffin Goldsmith - Drums, Tambourine, Vocal Harmony
Taylor Goldsmith - Bass, Vocal Harmony
Julio Cesar Gonzalez - Bass
David Goodstein - Drum Loop
Doug Haywood - Vocal Harmony
Don Heffington - Drums
Greg Leisz - 12 String Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Baritone Guitar,  Tenor Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Weissenborn
Kipp Lennon - Vocal Harmony
Mauricio Lewak - Drum Fills, Drums
Val McCallum - Baritone Guitar, Guitar, Vocal Harmony
Kevin McCormick - Bass
Alethea Mills - Vocal Harmony
Sebastian Steinberg - Bass
Chavonne Stewart - Vocal Harmony
Benmont Tench - Hammond B3 Organ, Piano
Pete Thomas - Drums
Mike Thompson - Hammond B3 Organ
Carlos Varela - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Tal Wilkenfeld - Bass
Jonathan Wilson - Vocal Harmony
Jeff Young - Hammond B3 Organ
Paul Dieter - Producer

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