Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ann McNamee - Crazy In Heaven

Ann McNamee - Crazy In Heaven
Not On Any Lable (2003)

Track Listing:
1. Crazy In Heaven
2. Distance
3. Marilyn
4. If The Morning Never Comes
5. Inside The Lightning
6. Sleep In The Hallway
7. Don't Unfreeze My Heart
8. Give The Drummer Some
9. Kneeling In The Rubble
10. Waiting For The Rest Of You
11. Meant To Say
12. Call It A Night
13. All

Jim Keltner - Drums, Percussion
Ann McNamee - Vocals
GE Smith - Guitars, Piano, Background Vocals, Producer
Roger Love - Background Vocals, Piano
Jack Casady - Bass, Bass Balalaika
Wayne Jackson - Trumpet
Tom McGinley - Saxophone
Adam Theis - Trombone
T Bone Burnett - Guitar
Keefus Ciancia - Piano, Organ
Willa Caughey - Violin
Nellie Kosakowski - Alto Saxophone
Stacy Parrish - Background Vocals

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