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Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay ‎- Revolution!

Paul Revere & The Raiders featuring Mark Lindsay ‎- Revolution!
Columbia Records CS-9521 (1967)

Side One:
1. Him Or Me-What's It Gonna Be?
2. Reno
3. Upon Your Leaving
4. Mo'Reen
5. Wanting You
6. Gone-Movin' On

Side Two:
1. I Had A Dream
2. Tighter
3. Make It With Me
4. Ain't Nobody Who Can Do It Like Leslie Can
5. I Hear A Voice

The bonus tracks on CD:
12. Ups And Downs
13. Try Some Mine
14. Legend Of Paul Revere
15. Him Or Me-What's It Gonna Be
16. Reno
17. Upon Your Leaving
18. Mo'reen
19. I Had A Dream
20. Tighter
21. I Hear A Voice

Jim Keltner - drums
Drake Levin - guitar, vocals
Mark Lindsay - vocals, saxophone, percussion
Paul Revere - organ, vocals
Mike "Smitty" Smith - drums, vocals
Phil "Fang" Volk - bass, vocals
Jim "Harpo" Valley - guitar
Terry Melcher - arranger, producer
Jerry Cole, Ry Cooder, Freddy Weller, Mike Deasy, Ketih Allison, Joel Scott Hill, Glen Campbell, James Burton, Taj Mahal - guitar
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon, Joe Correro - drums
Joe Osborne, Ray Pohlman, Charlie Coe, Chris Ethridge - bass
James Bond - bass, viola
Larry Knetchel, Ron Collins - piano, keyboards
Van Dyke Parks - keyboards
Roy Collins, Ollie Mitchell, Jules Chaikin - trumpet
Lew McCreary, Louis Blackburn - trombone
Jay Migliori, Plas Johnson, Jim Horn, John Kelson, Tom Scott - saxophone
David Burke, Ralph Schaeffer, Israel Baker, Nathan Kaproff, Albert Steinberg, Lou Klass, Joseph Stepansky, George Kast, William Kurasch - strings
Margaret Aue, Ralph Kramer, Emmet, Sergeant, Jan Kelly - cello
Charles Shoemaker, Ed Thigpen - percussion
Terry Hoffman - harmonica

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