Friday, April 3, 2015

Louise Goffin - Appleonfire

Louise Goffin - Appleonfire (EP)
Majority Of One Records (2015)

Track Listing:
1. Everything You Need
2. Higher Than Low
3. I'm Not Rich But I'm Not Poor
4. Take A Giant Step (with special guest Jakob Dylan)
5. It's Not The Spotlight
6. If I'm Late (featuring Joseph Arthur)

Jim Keltner - drums (1,2,4,5)
Louise Goffin - vocals, producer, piano
Barry Goldberg - producer, Hammond B3 organ, Wurlitzer
Bob Glaub - bass
Val McCallum - guitar
Jakob Dylan - vocals
Joseph Arthur - Prophet, harmonica, vocals
Wally Ingram - drums, percussion
Gar Robertson - acoustic guitar
Stevie Blacke - strings, string arrangement
Butch Norton - percussion
Lee Curreri - string arrangement, Hammond B3 organ, drum programming
Billy Harvey - guitar
Sofia Hoops - backing vocals

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