Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gillian Welch - Boots No. 1 The Official Revival Bootleg

Gillian Welch - Boots No. 1 The Official Revival Bootleg
Acony Records CDACNY1601 (2016)

Track Listing:
Disc One
1. Orphan Girl (Alternate Version)
2. Annabelle (Alternate Version)
3. Pass You By (Alternate Version)
4. Go On Downtown (Revival Outtake)
5. Red Clay Halo (Revival Outtake)
6. By The Mark (Alternate Mix)
7. Paper Wings (Demo)
8. Georgia Road (Revival Outtake)
9. Tear My Stillhouse Down (Home Demo)
10. Only One and Only (Alternate Version)

Disc Two
1. Orphan Girl (Home Demo)
2. I Don’t Want to Go Downtown (Revival Outtake)
3. 455 Rocket (Revival Outtake)
4. Barroom Girls (Live Radio)
5. Wichita (Revival Outtake)
6. One More Dollar (Alternate Version)
7. Dry Town (Demo)
8. Paper Wings (Alternate Mix)
9. Riverboat Song (Revival Outtake)
10. Old Time Religion (Revival Outtake)
11. Acony Bell (Demo)

Jim Keltner, Buddy Harman - drums
Gillian Welch - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
David Rawlings - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Optigan, 6-string bass
Jay J. Joyce - guitar, E-bow
James Burton - guitar, National steel guitar
Greg Leisz - dobro, Weissenborn
John R. Hughey - pedal steel guitar
T-Bone Burnett - Optigan, producer
Armando Campean - acoustic bass, electric bass
Roy Huskey Jr. - acoustic bass

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