Friday, October 28, 2011

Donn Thomas - Live Wires

Donn Thomas - Live Wires
Myrrh Records MSB6642 (1980)

Side One:
1. Live Wires
2. God's Love (Is What The World Needs)
3. Not Now Doesn't Mean Never
4. Walking With My Father
5. Oh My Livin' Brother

Side Two:
1. Soul'd Out
2. A Shield About Me
3. Can't Make It Without You, Lord
4. You Got Me Through
5. Soul'd Out - Reprise

Jim Keltner , Ed Greene - drums
Donn Thomas - vocals
David Diggs - keybords, percussion, producer
Paul Jackson Jr., Carlos Rios - guitar
Scott Edwards, Dennis Belfield - bass
Gary Herbig - tenor sax
Dave Boruff - alto sax
Jim Coile - tenor sax, flute
Jerry Hey, Charles Davis - trumpe
Bill Reichenbach - trombone
Steve Hunt, Denise Hunt, Elisecia Wright, Carol Rogers, Bob Carlisle, Lilian Tynes, Donn Thomas - background vocals

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  1. I would love to hear "A Shield About Me" by Donn from his "Live Wires" album. It was classic and really ministered to me in my young life.