Monday, October 10, 2011

Andy Goldmark - Andy Goldmark

Andy Goldmark - Andy Goldmark
Warner Bros. Records BS-2703 (1973)

Track Listing:
1. Hours Have Passed
2. Rosebud
3. Light over the World
4. They Took Mine Away
5. I Don't Believe in Wisdom
6.- Lord of the Ring
7. Fly Home Darlin' Love
8. Train That Goes to Mexico
9. Too Tired to Fight
10. Feels So Good in the Morning
11. After Thought

Jim Keltner, Andy Newmark - Drums
Andy Goldmark - Vocals, Synthesizer
Webb Burrel, Jim Ryan - Guitar
Chris Darrow - Mandolin
Laudir DeOliveira - Percussion
Bob Glob, Larry Knechtel, David Vaught - Bass
Pat Rizzo - Flute
Gary Usher - Producer

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