Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nick Lowe - Party Of One

Nick Lowe - Party Of One
Reprise Records 9 26132-4 (1990)

Side One:
1. You Got the Look I Like
2. (I Want to Build) Jumbo Ark
3. Gai-Gai Man
4. Who Was That Man?
5. What's Shakin' On the Hill

Side Two:
1. Shting-Shtang
2. All Man are Liars
3. Rocky Road
4. Refrigerator White
5. I Don' Know Why You Keep Me On
6. Honeygun

CD Reissue Bonus Tracks:

1. You Stabbed Me in the Front
2. Rocket Coast

Jim Keltner - drums
Nick Lowe - bass, vocals
Ry Cooder - guitar, mandolin
Bill Kirchan, Dave Edmunds - electric guitar
Paul Carrack - organ, piano
Austin De Leona - piano, acoustic guitar
Ray Brown - string bass
Most of the above - backing vocals

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