Monday, October 24, 2011

Splinter - Place I Love

Splinter - Place I Love
Dark Horse SP22001 (1974)

Side One:
1. Gravy Train
2. Drink All Day (Got To Find Your Own Way Home)
3. China Light
4. Somebody's City

Side Two:
1. Costafine Town
2. The Place I Love
3. Situation Vacant
4. Elly May
5. Haven't Got Time

Jim Keltner, Mike Kelly - Drums
Gary Wright, Billy Preston - Keyboards
Bill Elliott, Bobby Purvis - Vocals
George Harrison - Synthesizer, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, 8 String Bass, Mandolin, Harmonium, Jew's-Harp, Dobro, Percussion
Alvin Lee - Guitar
Willie Weeks, Klaus Voormann - Bass
Graham Maitland - Accordion
Mel Collins - Horn Arrangements

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