Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bryan Duncan - Holy Rollin'

Bryan Duncan - Holy Rollin'
Light Records LS 5911 (1986)

Track Listing:
1. Only Wanna Do What
2. My Little World
3. Lead Me To The Water
4. Hope Of The Brokenhearted
5. Holy Rollin'
6. Remember Me
7. So Far, So Good
8. Your Everlasting Love
9. Givin

Jim Keltner, Chuck Bath - drums
Bryan Duncan - vocals, keyboards
Larry Brown - producer, drums
Dennis Brown, Brad Carr, Peter Rafelson - guitars
Larry Brown, Howard McCrary - keyboards
Richard Elliot, Phil Kenzie, Stephen Kupka - saxophone
Greg Adams, Kim Scharnberg, Lee Thornburg - horns
Bob Carlisle, Sharon Cole, Charlie Freeman, Kathy Hazzard, John Hicks - backing vocals

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