Tuesday, November 1, 2011

O’Neal Twins 
- O’Neal Twins

O’Neal Twins
- O’Neal Twins
Shelter Recording Company Inc. SR-2125

Side One:
1. Smile
2. Make Your Love Known, My Brother
3. Mama Said Thank You
4. It's Gonna Rain Again
5. Family Bible

Side Two:
1. Sinner Man
2. Over The Rainbow
3. More Questions Than Answers
4. Won't Somebody Help Me
5. I'm A Pilgrim And A Stranger
6. We'll Live In Peace Someday

Jim Keltner, Roger Hawkins, Chuck Blackwell - drums
Edgar O’Neal, Edward O’Neal - vocals
Leon Russell - piano, organ, clavinet
Rev. Patrick Henderson - piano, organ
Don Preston - guitar
Ambrose Campbell - percussion
Carl Radle - bass
Charlene Foster, Carolyn Cook, Nettie Davenport - background vocals

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