Monday, October 10, 2011

Albert Collins - There's Gotta Be A Change

Albert Collins - There's Gotta Be A Change
Tumbleweed Records TWS 103 (1971)

Track Listing:
1. There's Gotta Be a Change
2. In Love Wit'cha
3. Stickin'
4. Today Ain't Like Yesterday
5. Somethin' On My Mind
6. Frog Jumpin'
7. I Got a Mind to Travel
8. Get Your Business Straight
9. Fade Away

Jim Keltner, Larry Daniels - Drums
Albert Collins - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Ed Davis - Guitar
James Dallam, Joe Zagarino - Keyboards, Piano
Dr. John - Keyboards
Bryan Garofalo - Bass
Jimmie Haskell - Arranger, Horn
Ernie Watts, Jim Horn, Plas Johnson, Jay Migliori, Bill Perkins - Saxophone
Bud Brisbois, Pete Candoli - Trumpet
Richard Landis, Mac Rebennack - Piano
Bobby Knight, Lew McCreary - Trombone
Judy Roderick - Vocals
Michael Rosso - Bass, Drums
Bill Szymczyk - Producer, Vocals
Brent Williamson - Vocals


  1. Jesse Ed Davis plays guitar on this album

  2. Thank you for this information.