Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joe Yamanaka – To The New World

Joe Yamanaka - To The New World
Atlantic Records K-10007A (1977)

Side One:
1. To the New World
2. New Generation
3. (You're) A Part of Me
4. Good Morning My Moon, Good Evening My Sun

Side Two:
1. World Rock Festival Band
2. Just One Step
3. Pain of Rock
4. Influence

Jim Keltner - Drums, Percussion
Joe Yamanaka - Vocals, Mouth harp, Producer
Lon Van Eaton - Acoustic Guitar, Clavinet, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Piano
Cheryl Chaw, Pat Robin - Backing Vocals
Derrick Van Eaton - Bass, Backing Vocals, Drums
Klaus Voorman - Bass
Hideki Ishima - Guitar
Tony Sales - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Nobuhiko Shinohara - Keyboards, Hammond B3 Organ
Osamu Kitajima - Koto
Hunt Sales - Drums
Jeoffrey Hales, Paul Stallworth, Carl Wilson - Percussion
Hideki Ishima - Sitar, Twelve-String Guitar
John Harden - Tenor Saxophone

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