Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wings Livinryte - Your Love Keeps Me Off The Streets

Wings Livinryte - Your Love Keeps Me Off The Streets
RCA Victor APL1-0728 (1975)

Side One:
1. Sunshine In The Rain
2. Fishin' For Each Other
3. The Sky Might Fall
4. Your Love Keeps Me Off The Streets
5. The Moon's A Harsh Mistress

Side Two:
1. You Can Leave Your Hat On
2. The Old West
3. Silver Stallion
4a. Interlude
4b. Forest Friends (A Gift For Cassie)

Jim Keltner (B1, B3), Ed Green, Gary Mallaber, Paul Humphrey - Drums
Wings Livinryte - Vocals, Guitar
Merry Clayton, Sherlie Matthews, Venetta Fields - Backing Vocals
Colin Cameron, Henry Davis, Jack Conrad, Welton Felder - Bass
Jesse Ehrlich - Cello
Curtis Amy - Clarinet
Bobbye Hall Porter - Congas
David Campbell - Fiddle
Curtis Amy - Flute, Horns
David T. Walker, Fred Tackett, Geoff Levin, Michael Mallen - Guitar
Geoff Levin - Guitar [Energy Bow]
Sneaky Pete - Pedal Steel Guitar
Jerry Peters - Keyboards
Chris Many, Jerry Peters, Loren Newkirk - Piano
David Campbell - Producer, Viola
Haim Shtrum, Kathe Lenski, Sheldon Sanov - Violin

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  1. I found this album in MP3-192 kbps, but not all the tracks .. (
    Not enough track B2. The Old Six unfortunately ..