Monday, October 17, 2011

Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow
A & M Records CD-0587 (1996)

Track Listing:
1. Maybe Angels
2. A Change Would Do You Good
3. Home
4. Sweet Rosalyn
5. If It Makes You Happy
6. Redemption Day
7. Hard to Make a Stand
8. Everyday Is a Winding Road
9. Love Is a Good Thing
10. Oh Marie
11. Superstar
12. The Book
13. Ordinary Morning
14. Sad Sad World (Bonus Track)
15. Free Man (Bonus Track)

Jim Keltner - drums
Sheryl Crow - acoustic guitar, bass, piano, electric guitar, harmonium, keyboards, Hammond organ, vocals, producer
Wurlitzer, Moog bass, pennyosley
Steve Berlin - saxophone
R.S. Bryan - wah wah guitar
Steve Donnelly - dobro, guitar, electric guitar
Dave Douglas - horn
Davey Faragher - fuzz bass
Neil Finn - vocals
Curtis Fowlkes - horn
Mitchell Froom - harmonium, keyboards
Wally Ingram - drums, djembe
Brian MacLeod - drums
Josh Roseman - horn
Dan Rothchild - bass
Anders Rundblad - bass, guitar
Jane Scarpantoni - strings
Bob Stewart - horn
Pete Thomas - drums
Jeff Trott - acoustic guitar, guitar, electric guitar, vocals
Michael Urbano - drums, snare drums
Tad Wadhams-  bass
Todd Wolfe - dobro, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

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