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V/A – Stay Awake (Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films)

V/A – Stay Awake (Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films)
A & M Records SP 3918 (1988)

Track Listing:
1. Opening Medley ("I'm Getting Wet and I Don't Care at All")
a) Hi Diddle Dee Dee (An Actor's Life For Me) from Pinocchio
b) Little April Shower from Bambi
c) I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song) from The Jungle Book
2. Baby Mine from Dumbo
3. Heigh Ho (The Dwarf's Marching Song) from Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
4. Medley Two ("The Darkness Sheds Its Veil")
a) Stay Awake from Mary Poppins
b) Little Wooden Head" from Pinocchio
c) Blue Shadows on the Trail from Melody Time
5. Medley Three ("Three Inches Is Such a Wretched Height")
a) Castle in Spain from Babes in Toyland
b) I Wonder from Sleeping Beauty
6. Mickey Mouse March" from The Mickey Mouse Club
7. Medley Four ("All Innocent Children Had Better Beware")
a) Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins
b) Whistle While You Work from Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
c) I'm Wishing from Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
d) Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians
e) Dumbo And Timothy from Dumbo
8. Some Day My Prince Will Come from Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
9. Medley Five ("Technicolor Pachyderms")
a) Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo
b) Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah from Song of the South
10. Second Star To The Right from Peter Pan
11. Pinocchio Medley ("Do You See The Noses Growing")
a) Desolation Theme" from Pinocchio
b) When You Wish upon a Star from Pinocchio

Ken Nordine — vocals
Bill Frisell — guitars
Wayne Horvitz — piano, synthesizers
Natalie Merchant — vocal
Michael Stipe — vocal
Mark Bingham — banjo
The Roches — vocals
Lenny Pickett — soprano sax, flute
Ralph Carney — clarinet, ocarina, wise spoken words
Michael Blair — marimba, percussion, drums
Rachel Van Voorhees — harp
Jackie Mullen — cello
César Rosas — lead vocal, cuatro
David Hidalgo — acoustic nylon string guitar, accordion<, background vocals
Conrad Lozano — bass
Louie Pérez — varrana
Steve Berlin — baritone sax
Alex Neciosup Acuña — on percussion
Bonnie Raitt — vocal, slide guitar solo
Sweet Pea Atkinson — background vocals
Arnold McCuller — background vocals
Luis Resto — keyboards
Paul Jackson Jr. — guitar
Steve Berlin — saxophone
Don Was — synthesizer
David Was — flute
John Patitucci — bass
Jim Keltner — drums
The Uptown Horns:
Crispin Cioe — baritone sax
Arno Hecht — tenor sax
Bob Funk — trombone
"Hollywood" Paul Litteral — trumpet
Tom Waits — vocal
Tchad Blake — optigan programming
Mitchell Froom — chamberlain
Val Kuklowsky — sound effects
Marc Ribot — guitars
Larry Taylor — bass
Suzanne Vega — vocal
Bill Frisell — guitars, banjo
Wayne Horvitz — synthesizers
Syd Straw — vocal
Jaydee Mayness — steel guitar
Tommy Morgan — harmonica
John Jorgenson — guitars, mandolin
Buster Poindexter — vocal
Ivy Ray — vocal
Brain Koowin — guitar
Charles Giordano — piano
Tony Garnier — bass
Tony Machine — drums
Fred Walcott — percussion
Jimmy Bralower — drum programming
The Uptown Horns:
Crispin Cioe — baritone sax
Arno Hecht — tenor sax
Bob Funk — trombone
"Hollywood" Paul Litteral — trumpet
Yma Sumac — vocal
Orchestra: Lennie Niehaus — conductor
Aaron Neville — vocal
Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) — keyboards
Garth Hudson — keyboards, synthesiszers, accordions
Jorge Mirkin — harmonica
Jay Rubin — cymbals
Steve Deutch — macintosh sequencing/performer software
Terry Adams — keyboards, vocal
Joey Spampinato — bass, background vocal
Al Anderson — guitars
Tom Ardolino — drums, percussion
Betty Carter — vocal
Stephen Scott — piano
Donald Braden — saxophone
Ira Noel Coleman — bass
Troy Davis — drums
Paul Westerberg — guitar, vocals
Tommy Stinson — bass, background vocals
Slim Dunlap — guitar, background vocals
Chris Mars — drums
Slinkey Rutherford — "pianie"
Sinéad O'Connor — vocals
Andy Rourke — guitars
Sun Ra — piano
Art Jenkins, T.C. III — vocals
Bruce Edwards — guitar
Pat Patrick — bass
Tom Hunter — drums
Buster Smith — drums
Aveeayl Ra Amen — drums
Owen Brown Jr. — violin
Vincent Chaucey — French horn
John Gilmore — tenor sax
Elo Olmo — bass clarinet, alto sax
Marshall Allen — flute, alto sax
Kenny Williams — baritone sax
Fred Adams — trumpet
Michael Ray — trumpet
Martin Banks — trumpet
James Jackson — bassoon
Harry Nilsson — vocal
Tom "T-Bone" Wolk — accordion
Arto Lindsay — electric guitar
Fred Tackett — guitars
Dennis Budimir — guitars
Peter Scherer — synthesizer
Terry Adams — piano
Buell Neidlinger — bass
Jim Keltner — drums
Michael Blair — brushes, frame drum, tambourine, washboard
Orchestra: Lennie Niehaus — conductor
James Taylor — vocal, guitar, whistle
The Roches — vocals
Branford Marsalis — tenor sax
Don Grolnick — piano
Steve Swallow — bass
John Scofield — guitar
Mark Bingham — acoustic guitar, humming boy
Michael Blair — humming boy too!
Ken Nordine — voice
Bill Frisell — guitars
Wayne Horvitz — keyboards
Ringo Starr — vocal
Herb Alpert — trumpet solo
Bill Frisell — electric guitars
Fred Tackett — acoustic guitars
Dennis Budimir — acoustic guitars
Terry Adams — piano
Buell Neidlinger — bass
Jim Keltner — drums
Harry Nilsson — whistle
Hal Willner — producer

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