Sunday, December 11, 2011

Joseph Arthur - Come To Where I'm From

Joseph Arthur - Come To Where I'm From
Real World Records DGRW87, 7243 8 48982 2 9 (2000)

Track Listing:
1. In the Sun
2. Ashes Everywhere
3. Chemical
4. History
5. Invisible Hands
6. Cockroach
7. Exhausted
8. Eyes on My Back
9. Tattoo
10. The Real You
11. Creation or a Stain
12. Speed of Light

Jim Keltner - drums (5)
Joseph Arthur - guitar, vocals, producer
Carla Azar - drums, background vocals, shaker
T-Bone Burnett - piano, producer
Markus Dravs - programming
Eugene - fuzzheart
Ben Findlay - acoustic guitar
Nadia Lanman - cello
Stella - background vocals
Rick Will - explosions, synthesizer, producer

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  1. On this album, all the guest musicians are credited pseudonymously for each song. But there is a list of translations, too, revealing which pseudonym belongs to which real name.
    I don't have the album but I remember Marc Ribot and Keefus Ciancia being amongst the musicians as well as those you have mentioned. However, I just don't remember who "Eugene" and "Stella" were. Maybe someone else can help with this info to create a list of credits with the real names?