Monday, December 12, 2011

T-Bone Burnett - The True False Identity

T-Bone Burnett - The True False Identity
Columbia Records 82796939702 (2006)

Track Listing:
1. Zombieland
2. Palestine Texas
3. Seven Times Hotter Than Fire
4. There Would Be Hell To Pay
5. Every Time I Feel The Shift
6. I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return
7. Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies
8. Fear Country
9. Baby Don't You Say You Love Me
10. Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)
11. Blinded By The Darkness
12. Shaken Rattled And Rolled

Jim Keltner, Carla Azar, Bill Maxwell, Jay Bellerose - drums
T-Bone Burnett - vocals, guitar, 6-string bass, producer
Marc Ribot - guitars
Dennis Crouch - bass
Keith Ciancia - piano, keyboards
Sam Phillips, Danny Moore, Buzz Clifford - backing vocals

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