Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ceremony - Hang Out Your Poetry

Ceremony - Hang Out Your Poetry
Geffen Records 24523 (1993)

Track Listing:
1. Goodbye Sunshine
2. Steal Your Heart
3. Day By Day
4. Ready For Love
5. Ready For Love Refrain
6. Hang Out Your Poetry
7. Could've Been Love
8. Turn It Over
9. Trust
10. 2 Of 1
11. First Day Of My Life
12. Breathless
13. Living In A Paradise
14. Livin' It Up


Chastity Bono - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion
Chance - vocals, guitar
Pete McRae - guitar
Steve Bauman - keyboards
Louie Ruiz - bass
Bryn Mathieu - drums

Additional Musicians:
Jim Keltner, John J. Davis - drums
Idiehkram - vocals
Mark Hudson - guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica, harmonium, Mellotron, timpani, percussion, background vocals, producer
Jerry Garcia, Val McCallum - guitar
Alyson Chance, Steve Dudas - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Mark Hart - electric guitar, piano, harmonium, organ, Wurlitzer organ, Mellotron, background vocals
Amiya Dasgmota - sitar
Parvati Bergamo - tamboura, tambourine
George Hall - bagpipe
Jim Horn - saxophone
John Bergamo - tabla
Sander Selover, Harry Nilsson, Brett Hudson, Bill Hudson, Craig Copeland, Steve March - background vocals

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