Monday, January 30, 2012

V/A - Conception: An Interpretation Of Stevie Wonder's Songs

V/A - Conception: An Interpretation Of Stevie Wonder's Songs
Motown Records 874480 (2003)

Track Listing:
1. Higher Ground - with Eric Clapton
2. Superstition - with Glenn Lewis
3. That Girl - with J.O.E., Mr.Cheeks
4. Master Blaster (Jammin') - with Stephen Marley
5. Another Star - with Caron Wheeler
6. Overjoyed - with Mary J. Blige
7. You Will Know - with Angie Stone
8. Send One Your Love - with Brian Mcknight
9. All In Love Is Fair - with Marc Anthony
10. Rocket Love - with Black Coffey
11. Visions - with Musiq
12. Love's In Need of Love Today - with Dave Hollister
13. I Don't Know Why I Love You - with John Mellencamp
14. Wonderful - with India Arie

Jim Keltner - percussion
John Mellencamp, Hollister, Musiq, Brian Mcknight, Angie Stone, Mary J. Blige, Caron Wheeler, Stephen Marley, J.O.E., Mr.Cheeks, Glenn Lewis, Black Coffey - vocals
Eric Clapton - vocals, guitar
India.Arie - guitar, percussion
Marc Anthony - guitar
Bagga Mitchell, Larry Crane, Mike Wanchic, Sherrod Barnes, Francesco Romano - guitar
Mark Batson - acoustic guitar, keyboards, percussion, programming
Lisa Germano - violin
Chris Rogers, David Masucci - horns
Billy Preston - Clavinet
Gary Corbett, Julian Marley, John Cascella - keyboards
Damian "Junior Gong" Marley - drums, programming
Abe Laboriel, Jr., Kenny Aronoff - drums
Carlos "6 July" Broady - percussion, programming
Duane Covert, Kerisha Hicks, Dave Hollister, David Bright, Laurnea Wilkerson, Joyce Simpson, Terry Harrington, Cedella Marley - background vocals

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