Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kirstin Candy - Another Sweet Mess

Kirstin Candy - Another Sweet Mess
BMG Records 12033-2 (2002)

Track Listing:
1. Crazy (About You)
2. Heaven
3. Let It Flow
4. Money
5. Prayer
6. 60 Years
7. Count To 10
8. Sucker Punched
9. Alibi
10. Flesh And Blood
11. It Ain't Pretty
12. Be Who You Are

Jim Keltner, Charlie Drayton, Brian McCleoud - drums
Steve Ferrone - drums, backing vocals
Kirstin Candy - vocals, piano, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards
Jason Sinay - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
David Immerglück - guitar, pedal steel, baritone mandolin
John Hickman - guitar, mandolin
Ivan Neville - Wurlitzer organ, piano, Hammond B-3 organ, background vocals
Ron Blair - bass
Martin Pradler - strings, Moog synthesizer, programming
Lynn Davis, Laura Creamer, Davey Faragher - background vocals
Don Smith - producer

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  1. Kirstin Candy is a singer / songwriter from California. This is her pop record but her folk, Americana and bar blues background shines through in places. As a songwriter, she has got an incredible sense of melody. On track 4, "Money", she sings a duet with drummer Steve Ferrone.
    This album was meant to be her commercial breakthrough, which it did not prove to be. But despite that, it's a very good album. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers fans will find something to like here, too, since so many of the Heartbreakers are present. Jason Sinay, who is Mike Campbell's partner in his band Dirty Knobs, is featured on guitar throughout. This is where I discovered him and he has become a favourite guitarist since.

    Kirstin Candy's follow-up to this one, "La Vie En Rouge", is less pop oriented and more piano centered, more Americana. It was produced by the late Kenny Edwards and is also highly recommended. I wish she would release another new album of new songs, but being an independent artist, but I have heard music may or may not be her profession anymore.

    I feel she would fit right in with the artist roster of New West Records, though.