Monday, January 9, 2012

Jon Brion - Synecdoche, New York OST

Jon Brion - Synecdoche, New York OST
Lakeshore Records 34047 (2008)

Track Listing:
1. Tacky Entrance Music
2. DMI Thing From When She Was The Kitchen
3. All Plays Out (Fire Sale Version)
4. DMI Thing In Which New Information Is Introduced
5. Forward Motion
6. Something You Can't Return To
7. Sex Based Decision Making
8. Piano One
9. Someone Else's Forward Motion (Posing As Your Own)
10. DMI We Meet Again?
11. Still Can't Return (Still Trying)
12. Piano Two
13. OK
14. Can't Return (For The Last Time)
15. Piano Three
16. Transposition
17. Little Person
18. Song For Caden
19. Schenectady

Jim Keltner - drums
Jon Brion - conductor, orchestrator, producer
Steve Bartek - orchestrator
Jason Freese - saxophone, guitar
James Gilstrap, Deanna Storey - vocals
Bret Rausch - synthesizer
Gina Zimmitti - orchestra contractor
Joel Pargman, Searmi Park, Alan Grunfeld, Phillip Levy, Tiffany Hu, Sid Page, Richard Altenbach, Bruce Dukov, Natalie Leggett, Neel Hammond, Marina Manukian, Darius Campo, Liane Mautner - violin
Matt Funes, Shawn Mann, Marlow Fisher, Brian Dembow, Dave Walther, Darrin McCann, Andrew Duckles - viola
Tina Soule, Dennis Karmazyn, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Larry Corbett, Stephen Erdody, Paul Cohen - cello
John Steinmetz - bassoon
Sebastian Steinberg, Billy Mohler - upright bass

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