Monday, January 30, 2012

Mary Cutrufello - When The Night Is Through

Mary Cutrufello - When The Night Is Through
Mercury Records 558729 (1998)

Track Listing:
1. Sunny Day
2. She Can't Let Go
3. Sweet Promise of Love
4. Tired and Thirty
5. Miss You #3
6. Tonight's The Night
7. Highway 59 (Let It Rain)
8. Sister Cecil
9. Sad, Sad World
10. Rolin' and Tumblin'
11. Two Hard Roads
12. Goodnight Dark Angel

Jim Keltner - drums
Mary Cutrufello - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, slide guitar, percussion
Matt Cartsonis - mandola, background vocals
Rami Jaffee - accordion, celesta, Fender Rhodes piano, Clavinet, wind
Dan Higgins - tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
Gary Grant, Jerry Hey - trumpet
Roland Denney - upright bass, background vocals
Kenny Aronoff, Mark Schulman - drums, percussion
Alex Brown, Alfie Silas, Mark Lennon, Maxi Anderson, Sweet Pea Atkinson - background vocals
Thom Panunzio - producer

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  1. This album is the major label debut by Mary Cutrufello, the Telecaster Lady. She is a really great songwriter who writes deeply moving story songs. I got this album after having read a review of it in a magazine at the time it came out. Never regretted it, despite Jim Keltner just playing on one song, "Sweet Promise Of Love".

    After the Polygram-Seagram-Universal merger, Cutrufello got dropped from her label, like so many other artists, too. Since then, she has released several more recordings as an independent artist, most notably the acoustic album "Songs From the 6" which she recorded on her own in a motel room, the rock album "35" which is even better than this one, and the country music EP "Fireflies Till They're Gone" which she sells as CD at shows (and if you ask kindly per email - otherwise it's mp3 only.)

    I understand Mary's music may not be everybody's cup of tea, though, because of her rather deep singing voice which most people I played her music to have mistaken for that of a man.