Saturday, January 28, 2012

Michael Kamen - Mr. Holland Opus OST

Michael Kamen - Mr. Holland Opus OST
London Records 452 065-2 L H (1995)

Track Listing:
1. Mr. Holland Begins
2. Iris And Glen
3. Practice, Practice, Practice
4. New Baby / Coltrane / Children Should Listen To Mozart
5. Rush To Hospital (While Parents Listen To Beethoven)
6. 7th Symphony - Allegrtto
7. Cole's Tune
8. Vitetnam (We Know Too Many Of These Kids)
9. Rowena
10. Concerto For Three Harpsichords In C 1st Movement
11. Thank You Mr. Holland
12. An Amercan Symphony (Mr. Holland's Opus) (Mr.Kamen's Epis)
13. Cole's Song

Jim Keltner - Drums (12)
Michael Kamen - Conductor, Producer, Piano, Strings
Pino Paladino, Lawrence Cottle - Bass
Andy Newmark - Drums
Tim Renwick, Dominic Miller - Guitar
Julian Lennon - Vocals
London Metropolitan Orchestra
Seattle Symphony Orchestra
George Shangrow, Jillon Stoppels Dupree, Robert Kechley - Harpsichord
Jonathan Snowden - Flute

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